Virginia Election Results, pt 3: Judy, we never knew ye

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Judy Feder outside Sully Elementary School in Sterling, Virginia, about 5:00 pm this evening.
Judy Feder had about a billion times more signs out in Sterling this month (largely because, I am told, Frank Wolf and George Allen signs disappeared within 4 hours of being planted - at 5:00 am this morning the GOP signs were almost absent from the roadways)

She had many more direct mail pieces arrive at our house than did Frank Wolf, by a margin of about 10 to one.

And she had many more push-poll telephone calls (about 5 to zero).

But her undoing was a) Frank Wolf is a great guy, who has been strong on anti-gang initiatives and funding, and also one of the most prominent American politicians on the issue of the horrific situation in Sudan; and b) her chief issue was forged about five months ago and it fizzled.

To wit, she wanted to blame sky-high gasoline prices on Frank Wolf. When the price of gasoline plummeted, so did her election chances. Good news for citizens was bad news for Judy Feder.

(Again, sorry for no links but this is the best we can offer tonight because of the fatigue factor. Treat it as news... or the first draft of history. The first draft of history requires no footnotes, don't you know.)

Judy is a bit of a nutcase (full disclosure: so am I), but I watched her at close range for about a half hour tonight at the polls and she has a nice way about her. She's not hard to like. She just had an uphill climb because Frank Wolf is a wonderful human being and far from a right wing extremist. The better candidate and likely better public servant won this race.

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zimzo said:

Webb pulls ahead!

Have a Rumplemintz, Zim. This is going to drag out for weeks.

suburbanite said:

Joe, could the sign shenanigans have anything to do with the massive union money that came into Loudoun and Fairfax with the Kaine campaign?

Sub, same old story in Northern VA. It's a wonder we ever win anything. The opposition activists are a bunch of crooks and lowlifes. Hey, if you think it's bad here, try living in Fairfax County.

Jack said:


With any luck, it was his own head he pulled -- out of his ass. Then he'll switch back to the Republican Party.

I guess we lost one Republican who was a Democrat (Chafee) and we (might) get one Democrat who is a Republican (Webb).

James J. Na said:

I can't believe this is what the Dems put on the front page of the Feder campaign literature:

And I also found it hilarious that Feder tried to blame Wolf for traffic:

Whoa! James Na commenting at our blog! This almost makes up for losing the House.

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