Virginia Election Results, pt 5: Immigration

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On that topic of George W. Bush possibly working with a Democratic Congress to pass an amnesty for illegal aliens:

Hellstorm. Mark my words.

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Had Enough said:

Just what bush wants, people who agree with him!

While we all know Iraq has been an issue and we could not have gone there without the help and backing of the democrats (I'll touch on that at a later time), the hot issue this year has been illegal migration. The media and churches shifted the focus and created a media-fueled election that did nothing but focus on Iraq and Iraq only purposely.

The media has been running the country, they pick the stories that they choose to report. I read more about what is happening in the DC area in newspapers in Arizona, California etc. than I ever see locally. We do not have journalists here, they read stories prepared for them to suit someone's interest. I know alot of people that can read better than them and could use their salaries.

Include the washington post, gannett and others. They kept as far away from any illegals issues and avoided reporting basically anything that involved them other than their regular hard luck sob stories,. They made it appear as though illegals had never been an issue, as they constantly reported and fueled the anger over Iraq only. They cast a smoke screen for their special interests.

In the border states it was not as easy to report as though it did not exist. Arizona passed four immigration propositions with more than 70 percent of the vote with 70 percent of polls reporting.

It will take more than letters and more than the anger and outrage that was shown and displayed over the ports deal. Maybe it does not show but inside bush is screaming with joy. He knows that the crats have the same goals that he does and it will now be no problem to get everything he wants for the illegals and his North American Union. This was first reported in other news publications.

Mexico ambassador: We need North American Union in 8 years
U.S. 'investment,' EU-style merger key to better relations, says diplomat

Had Enough said:

Actress Adrienne Shelly murdered by illegal alien.


Illegal Alien Invasion Deadlier Than Iraq

Had Enough said:

Illegals Deadlier than Iraq

The difference is that they are invading our Country and killing our Citizens.

I seen articles that illegal aliens kill between 13 & 25 Citizens nationwide each day of the year ON OUR SOIL.

Each year that is more than died on 9-11 and sometimes double or triple.

On top of that the taxpayer is paying to educate their children, free medical, public defenders and incarceration (unless they have fled back over the border)and the list goes on and on.

The billions spent on illegals would have purchased a hell of alot of armor.

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