Virginia Votes YES for Marriage!!!

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CNN reports that the good people of the Commonwealth have embraced the Marriage Amendment and rejected the hollow rhetoric of the anti-Marriage Amendment/pro same-sex “marriage” crowd. Congratulations Virginia!!!

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Kevin said:

I'm probably an idiot but isn't that a little presumptive? Not that you fools won't pass it but only 30% of precincts are reporting at this hour (8:17). Oh well, anyways.

Sophrosyne said:

CNN called it. I trust they wouldn't do so (in light of the 2000 fiasco) unless it was up by a healthy margin.

Kevin said:

here's my pre-finish link then. Looks like you guys went to Webb (better luck in the next race!):

zimzo said:

Hooray, marriage is safe from icky gay people in Virginia! Now who will you purse your lips and wave your busybody finger at Sophrosyne?

Bill Garnett said:

"icky gay people"

Your true bigotry shines through.

I linked you. As I said, I want to make sure, but I do hope you are right!

zimzo said:

Uh, Bill, you might want to check out this link:

Bill Garnett said:

Uh, zimo, you might want to check out this link:

Kevin said:

Um, both of you might want to check this link out:

Also, G. Allen looks to have a 20% lead? Whoa!

Bill Garnett said:

Kevin, Want to put some money on Allen?

Kevin said:

heh heh heh. No. I will not be putting any money on anyone, firstly as that's illegal. Second, did I say 20%? Whoa! I'm an idiot.

zimzo said:

Bill, for the record, I do not think gay people are "icky." I think they taste great.

Please go have a humor detector implanted in your brain. You just confirm the worse stereotypes of truly icky conservatives that we liberals are humorless.

No Relation said:

Bill, I hate to stick up for zimzo, but he was mocking us here on the site. I don't agree with him on much, but he can be quite humorous.

I love a circular firing squad.

Bill Garnett said:

Perhaps I am a bit humorless tonight. But at 63, I hoped that a newer generation would not have to experience the prejudice and discrimination I, as a gay man, have faced all my life.

And I do believe that underlying this amendment push was political opportunism as much as any sense of protecting marriage. And there seems little empathy by the majority for accepting sexual orientation as a human characteristic unworthy of discrimination. Perhaps if you were required to sit at the back of the bus all your life you might become a bit resentful of others who are unable to look beyond their own prejudice

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

hmmm, seems to me that virginia voted no to marriage. oh well, enjoy it while it lasts

zimzo said:

Bill, think of the enormous strides that have been made during your lifetime. Think of all that has changed in just 20 years. Did you really imagine 20 years ago that people would even be discussing the possibility of gay marriage? That in more progressive parts of the country and the world that gay marriage and civil unions would be legal and supported by the majority of the people. This vote just represents the last gasp of bigots and homophobes. They are on the wrong side of history. If you look at polls of what young people think about gays the numbers are even more overwhelming. People like Sophrosyne will one day, very soon, be seen as the Bull Connors of their day.

Bill Garnett said:

zimzo - I agree - you are saying that I'm Moses looking at the promised land, perhaps

It did take introductions in 50 successive sessions of Congress to pass women's suffrage - there is some natural resistance to granting equal civil rights to those who don't have them

John Grigsby said:

Being personally nice to all, regardless of what sex they are attracted to, is easy for me.

Government elevation of a relationship between humans that doesn't even make Darwinian sense, by calling it "marriage" or "domestic partnership", is an entirely different matter.

By the way, it's great to see soph back!

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