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It’s gut-check time. In a little over 30 hours the polls will close on one of the most important elections in Virginia history. Please click here to send an e-card to your friends, co-workers and family reminding them to vote YES for Marriage tomorrow!

Below is the final message from the Family Foundation/VA4Marriage regarding our historic opportunity to elevate existing principles into the Virginia Constitution in order to protect marriage from judicial assault. The Commonwealth should never be forced, via unelected judges, to support and embrace relationships that willfully create motherless or fatherless homes. Children deserve both a mom and a dad. I’ve been so encouraged and blessed to meet some amazing volunteers on this campaign and I look forward to celebrating with them tomorrow! Now get out there and spread the word, work the polls, and finish strong!

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Victoria Cobb, Executive Director
Monday, November 6, 2006


This is my last opportunity to reach out to you, the voters of Virginia, and say "Vote YES" for marriage during tomorrow's crucial election. If polls are any indication, the battle over the amendment is much closer than we'd like. While we are very confident the amendment will pass, we cannot take a single vote for granted. I urge you to go to the polls tomorrow to vote YES on the marriage amendment.

From our perspective, we have been frustrated by two campaign situations that I know have also frustrated our supporters. The first has been the refusal of amendment opponents like the ACLU and the "Commonwealth Coalition" to debate the actual issue, same-sex marriage. They have hidden behind their lie of unintended consequences because they are afraid to talk about same-sex marriage or polygamy or how they actually want to define marriage. We have challenged them in debate after debate, through the media, and through an actual fax request. Unfortunately, they have refused to answer the question.

Perhaps it is because they know Virginians will overwhelmingly reject their fluid definition of marriage. In fact, on the web site, opponents of amendments like ours in Virginia say they support "Legal recognition for a wide range of relationships, households and families - regardless of kinship or conjugal status." My guess is you won't see that on our opponents campaign signs or in their advertisements. But that is exactly what they want.

The second frustration has been some of the media in Virginia. Too many of our friends in the "mainstream media" have refused to question opponent's claims. If we ever tired to repeat a lie like the "unintended consequences" line our opponents have used, reporters would have investigated and dismissed it. The media can look to all 20 states that have already passed marriage amendments and they will find no unintended consequences. They can look to the passage of the Virginia same-sex unions ban, and the defense of marriage act, and find no unintended consequences. They can look at Attorney General Bob McDonnell's official opinion of the Marriage Amendment, and the Virginia State Board of Election's authorized explanation, and again they refuse. To date, only two newspaper editorial pages that we are aware of in Virginia have supported the amendment. This disconnect of the media from the electorate has caused many of you to call our office. We share your frustration. The only way to let them know how you feel is to vote "YES" on November 7th.

I would also like to take the time to thank the thousands of volunteers, and donors who have become a part of this campaign. Our grassroots efforts have been incredible and have far outshone our opponent's attempts to organize. You have been steadfast in the face of opposition at fair booths, rallies, and other events all across Virginia. They can steal our yard signs, peel off our bumper stickers, throw our literature back at us, and fire our supporters from their jobs, but they cannot steal what is in your heart - the simple truth that marriage is God's design, created by Him for one man and one woman.

So now, it is time to finish the job at hand. All of us, you and I, our neighbors, church members and friends, need to work the polls and Vote YES tomorrow. Together, we can take this necessary step to ensure a pro-family Virginia for years to come!

Send a Last Minute eCard

If you have not already done so, please go to and send a get-out-the-vote eCard to friends and family, urging them to vote in favor of the marriage amendment tomorrow. This is a quick and simple way to get the message out!

Vote YES Signs to the Polls

Because so many of our "Vote YES" yard signs have been stolen or defaced by our opponents we are running low and do not have enough signs to cover all the voting precincts in Virginia tomorrow. If you have a yard sign, please take it with you to your voting precinct tomorrow when you go to vote and place it among the other political signs you will see. We want to make sure that voters see "Vote YES" signs as they approach their voting precinct.

Victory Party

Don't forget to plan to join us for our "Victory Party" tomorrow evening at the Richmond Convention Center from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. The Convention Center is the same location where we have held our December Gala the last several years.

Tomorrow evening evening, all of the hard work we have put since those initial votes on the marriage amendment in January of 2005 will come to fruition! Please plan to join us for a fun celebration of victory!

Parking will be limited around the Convention Center so be sure to get there early!

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zimzo said:

Yes, everyone please run out and vote for the Ted Haggard Amendment to instill Ted Haggard values into the Virginia Constitution.

Jack said:

We can always count on zimzo to make the ad hominem arguments, rather than arguing the merits of the proposal.

zimzo said:

Of course, claiming that gay people are somehow a threat to families and that their relationships are inferior to straight relationships is not an ad hominem attack. Those really are Ted Haggard values.

Jack said:

At least Ted Haggard had some values. Did he fall into sin? According to the prositute they did have sex, but Haggard denies it. (Of course, he also denied knowing the prostitute, and the prostitute is a known criminal, so we cannot believe either one.)

This is a peculiar pathology, in which one knows one's behavior is wrong, and so works to put obstacles in place to lessen the temptation. At least Haggard knew what he was doing was wrong, even if he couldn't stop.

None of us is perfect. I seem to remember when Billy Graham (?) was questioned about something he had done. His response was something like, "If you're looking to me, or any man, to be a perfect role model, you're looking in the wrong place, and you will ALWAYS be disappointed. Look to Christ for your role model, and you will NEVER be disappointed."

charles said:

No, zimzo, they are not "ad hominen" attacks. an "ad hominen" attack is an attack against the person making an argument, rather than their argument (the counter of argument by authority).

Arguing for the amendment by arguing the harm caused by the activity banned by the amendment is called argument on the facts. Now you could certainly argue about the facts, but it isn't "ad hominen" to argue about the facts.

The fact is that traditional marriage, where biological parents raise the children they have conceived, is the best societal structure we have, is essential to the sound workings of our culture, is best for the children, and has stood the test of time.

We have little evidence of how adults who were raised in non-traditional families as a common occurance contribute to society. Most of the cases we have are exceptions, people who went out of their way to exercise their beliefs. These are largely better educated, well-off families who also know they are under the microscope. You would expect this to be the absolute best case scenario if you wanted to show that a non-traditional family was better for children.

But most studies show that even with every advantage this isn't working well for children, and biological parents are best.

I would note that I am saying that adopted parents are not as good as biological parents. I also note that I'm talking about averages here, certainly there are exceptions in both groups, but that just plays back to what I was saying that the non-traditional families are the self-selected "creme of the crop".

I'm not saying that children are ill-treated, or better off orphaned, but the traditional family is traditional because it is the best societal structure we have.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

"non-traditional" families exist, what's best for their children is that we recognize that.

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