We're doomed, doomed, by Chafee

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Lincoln Chafee has just announced he may leave the Republican Party. I'm, personally, still trying to pick up the pieces.

The pieces, I must cry to tell you, don't come together all that easily.

Like David Lee Roth and David Caruso before him, Lincoln Chafee taps the rich vein of clueless personal narcissism. You get on with your bad self, Linc.

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A Moderate Voice said:

Joe, LOL

Although I have to say that I admire Chafee for not leaving during or before the election. If he had he would have won.

People in RI gave Chafee high marks, they voted against him because he was in the GOP and had he won the Senate would now be 50/50.

I always wondered why he had not left before.

He probably got a lot more press as a Republican than he would have as a Democrat, notably on all the instances he voted against Republican initiatives, voted with the Democrats, voted for John Kerry, etc. If he leaves the GOP he's just another dog-bites-man story. (probably won't be in politics, either).

No Relation said:

Lincoln Chafee was appointed in 1999 to the US senate when his father, Republican Senator John Chafee, died. He then was re-elected in 2000. I can't help but wonder if Lincoln won that election because of his name with an "R" next to it...you know, like Eddie Murphy in "The Distinguished Gentleman"

A Moderate Voice said:


He did not say he voted for Kerry, he said he did not vote for Bush.

In fact what he did was write in the name of George Herbert Walker Bush.

And perhaps he did get more attention as a GOP, but when he realized his numbers were falling and he could lose his election all he had to say was,

"I'm going to become an independent and caucus with the D's"

He would have won in a landslide, but he did'nt do that. He stayed on the sinking ship and went down.


A whole lot of people are elected because of the family name, but most are
re-elected on their own strength.

Jack said:

Just goes to show that being a congresscritter is unskilled labor.

Could've been outsourced, probably...

charles said:

"A Moderate Voice" --

Sure, he could have done that, but what kind of character would that show to take a million bucks of republican money to survive a primary and get the nomination on your party's ballot, and then turn around and stab them in the back just to win election?

It's not "character" that keeps you from doing that, it's just common decency. Although I guess we are supposed to be thankful on the rare occasions our elected politicians behave like normal human beings?

I wish he would quit TODAY. Leave the party now, so we can kick him off the committees and get Bolton to the floor of the Senate.

But I guarantee you Chafee will NOT quit the republican party until the day he leaves the Senate with his pension.

At least with Laffey, we would have lost supporting a guy that was more republican than some democrats.

charles said:

On the other hand, I also think Webb will be more of a republican than Chafee was.

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