10th District Wrist Slap

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It appears the 10th District Convention thuggery deliberation is over; Shaun Kenney reports it's a 'reprimand':

10th District suffered a reprimand for the manner of which their election for chair occured. The video has definitely made the rounds, and no one is happy with the manner of which the convention was conducted. It certainly has stained the reputations of those involved, and that sentiment has been made very clear.

Thanks to BVBL for the link.

Thanks, also, to John Grigsby for providing the video.

Thanks, finally, to the 10th District leadership for reminding us all that 'power' is not simply an abstraction.

It was mildly scary but one heck of a Convention.

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10thdistrictrepublican said:

I agree with the decision of a reprimand. The convention was obviously a fiasco but I do believe the people spoke with a convincing victory by Mr. Rich. All sides need to have a better understanding of parlimentary procedure.

In all future hotly contested conventions I would like to see some type of outside the district GOP moderation or at the very least an ouside the district unit chair come in to serve as temporary chairperson. On the other hand, I think delay tactics should be dealt with siftly and harshly as well when the results are obviously not close. Hopefully the results of this appeal will keep everyone happy but I am not holding my breath.

John Grigsby said:

10thdistrictrepublican's proposal to hand the chair position over next time to a truly fair party is a great idea. It would definitely help repair the wounds Jim Rich inflicted on the 10th District, and hopefully save us all from more embarassment.

I hope that Jim Rich will allow this. Given how actively he minded those who were officially in charge of the proceedings, I'd say it's unlikely.

I can't aggree with 10th's characterization of the parties as morally equivalent. If they were, then I'd think there would have certainly been a reprimand directed toward Heidi et al.

There were no "delaying tactics" on the part of Rich's opponents.

There were understandable attempts to wrest the convention chair position away from Jim's choice, and a call to divide the vote on delegates, so as to allow recent Democrat donors the chance to explain to the rest of us why they did so and felt entitled to vote in a GOP convention.

Any strong emotion I saw (and felt personally) that day was the direct byproduct of Rich's high-handedness. Heidi's supporters didn't show up growling at anyone.

While a majority of bodies in attendance went for Rich, it wasn't obvious that he had this in the bag, when you consider that this vote was a weighted average, and factor in the number of recent Democrat donors who had the chutzpah to attend our convention.

A disproportionate number of those bodies were from more sparsely populated places, like The Plains, where the convention was held. The final tally reflected a weighted average, that resulted in a 60/40 split, not bad at all for a candidate whose campaign was described as mediocre by friends in the know.

10thdistrictrepublican said:

In fairnes, others are reporting there was no "official reprimand". Not sure who to believe right now. I guess I'll find out tomorrow or Tues.

Dean Settle said:

John....are you blind? Or did you tape some other convention?
I was in attendance and it was obvious that Eugene, Dimitri, and Eve Barner intended to keep us all there till we got tired and went home. I fully believe that they'd have held a vote at 1:00AM if they thought they had a slip of a chance to get by after the clear majority of delegates had gotten tired of them.

That's low, underhanded... and frankly not very appreciative of people who took time out of their lives to make a difference for their fellow citizens.
The stink connected to those individuals will not go away. Trust this.

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