'BCS' Stands For ...

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... either 'Bowl Championship Series' or 'BS Championship Series' depending on your perspective. Since the inauguration of the computer-based system, I think there've been an equal number of each.

Being a Florida fan, I would not mind seeing them get a shot. Winning the SEC is a big deal.

However, having watched both teams a few times, I have to admit Michigan is better. They deserve to be in the championship game.

Final judgment in approx. 7 minutes. Should be interesting. It will also be interesting to see whether Fox is going to milk the announcement suspense for a half hour a la American Idol, or just let them make the announcement and then talk about it for the rest of the half hour.


UPDATE II: Oh well, sorry Happy. Stupid polls.

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Happy Camper (formerly SPMM) said:

what a world

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

this was on espn.com:

"Once again, Florida and the ballot box have made for a wildly controversial combination. Six years ago it was hanging chads. This year the voters are hanging Chad (Henne) out to dry outside the Tostitos BCS National Championship Game."



There's no way florida can beat ohio state. I hope they lose miserably! Not that I'm rooting for ohio, I'm rooting against the B[C]S system!

Root for Florida, Gozer. It is your destiny.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

Well, when it comes down to it, I might have to...

But if Ohio beats Florida badly, and Michigan beats USC badly, it'll hit the point home that the BCS is ridiculous, and we'll all be one year closer to the Bowl Championship Tournament! (yeah right, that'll be the day!)

Charles Author Profile Page said:

I used to root against BCS, but now I just watch and enjoy all the free football, and realise that life's simple pleasures are much easier to enjoy if you aren't always looking for things to complain about.

Mr. Man said:

thanks confucius

THAT is funny, Mr. Man.

This is sort of a test comment but that is funny.

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