Both VA and USA Look The Other Way

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I just saw Jose Santos Sibrian Espinoza's rap sheet for the past few years and it contains 21 offenses throughout Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William counties. So the Passarelli family could cast a wide net if it wished to fix blame for Joseph's death.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Espinoza is the illegal immigrant who allegedly ran down Herndon resident Joseph Passarelli a few weeks ago while Passarelli was out walking his dog at 5:30 am. Espinoza allegedly dragged Passarelli 200 ft, and left the scene. Passarelli was in his early 50s with a kid in college and one in high school. More details here.

Let me summarize one interesting section: Driving without a valid operators license is supposed to be punished by increased fines in VA. Espinoza's last few offenses resulted in decreasing fines, beginning at $300 and ending at $75. Um, not to mention, he was not detained before he killed Joseph Passarelli.

Thank you, Fairfax County Government. Thank you, Loudoun County Government. Thank you, Prince William County Government. Thank you, State of Virginia. Thank you, United States Senate. Thank you, Mr. President of the United States.

May you all go to hell, Republicans and Democrats alike.

287(G) Training Could Have Prevented a Tragedy in Herndon

HERNDON, Va., Dec. 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following is a
statement issued by HelpSaveHerndon:

For Jose Santos Sibrian Espinoza, the prime suspect in the November hit and run killing of Joseph Passarelli of Herndon, run-ins with the law were a frequent occurrence.

Court records for the Counties of Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William show that Sibrian Espinoza had a combined total of 21 cases within the last 6 years within those jurisdictions. The charges ranged from driving without a valid operator license, 7 separate incidents, to a DWI conviction. Throw in a myriad of other traffic related offenses such as excessive speeding and failure to obey highway signs, add a trespassing charge whose adjudication was a deferred dismissal and you will have a more complete picture of the person suspected of killing Herndon citizen Joseph Passarelli.

What makes the actions of Sibrian Espinoza so egregious is that Sibrian Espinoza was deported before being brought to justice.

The Passarelli family must now endure what could be months of anguish before the killer of their beloved husband and father is brought to justice, if the government of El Salvador cooperates and allows him to be extradited.

More painful, is the fact that this death was one that could have been prevented had the necessary tools been in place for each of the police departments in the jurisdictions Sibrian Espinoza was charged with an infraction.

The time is now that each of the police departments in the northern Virginia area should work with ICE to be trained in accordance with the Section 287G of the Immigration and Nationality Act. This training would have enabled any of the police departments who brought any of the 21 charges against Sibrian Espinoza within the last 6 years to check immigration status, and begin the procedure to remove a repeat offender from the streets.

Had this occurred before that day in November, one more needless death would not have occurred.

The police departments in each of those jurisdictions are hardly to blame for this tragedy. They did the jobs they are charged with and admirably so.

Blame is shared equally by those jurisdictions that turn a blind eye to illegal immigration, our federal and state governments, and our court system.

Our federal government is not doing enough to stop illegal immigration at the source. Herndon and Fairfax County are both complicit with enabling people like Sibrian Espinoza to find the means to earn a living while flouting our immigration laws.

As far as the courts are concerned, in the case of Sibrian Espinoza there were 7 charges for driving without an operator's license or driving on a suspended license from 2002 through 2006. There were 4 convictions for these charges and court records show that the fine for each occurrence decreased for each subsequent offense.

The message our court system and our elected officials are sending to criminals such as Sibrian Espinoza is loud and clear. It's now time that we ask our elected officials to change the message.

From what I have heard the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has prepared a legislative package for the 2007 session of the Virginia General Assembly which consists of exactly ZERO proposals regarding illegal immigration. Our hands are tied, and ever so shall they remain.

Hey guys and gals, thanks a lot. And congrats for having your collective fingers on the pulse of the electorate. Hope that works out well for each of you in November.

The death of Joseph Passarelli is a horrific tragedy that could have happened to anyone even without the influence of the Loudoun County government. Any one of us could get hit by a falling brick tomorrow.

But this incident hits home because it highlights exactly what so many local citizens have been saying - with deep frustration - to our local elected "leaders" for the past couple years: ENFORCE THE LAW.

It is an extraordinarily tragic manifestation of the rank incompetence of our local elected officials - at the county and state levels - on the issue of immigration enforcement.

It will be interesting to see how the Loudoun BOS responds to this, since the accused killer was a Sterling resident and had been let off several times by our own "public safety" department (Passarelli was killed about 400 yards from the Loudoun County line).

A notion discussed at a meeting of citizens tonight was "Fairfax wants to keep the problem bottled up in Herndon, and Loudoun wants to keep it tucked away in Sterling."

Well, when a guy dies, it ain't so tucked away anymore, "leaders".

Your move.

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zimzo said:

Drinking and blogging again, I see. Of course every illegal immigrant is responsible for the acts of this one illegal immigrant. If only all illegal immigrants had been deported, then there would be no crimes committed by illegal immigrants. Of course, there would still be crimes, so what other groups of people could we round up to prevent anyone from these groups from committing crimes? If we round up all the Muslims like Virgil Goode wants us to maybe there will be no terrorist attacks.

I have to admit I loved your Charlton Heston Planet of the Apes moment: "Damn them all to Hell!" I just wonder how long it will be before you say to an illegal immigrant, "Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!" Not long, I'm guessing.

Brilliant, Zimzo. I've always thought you were brilliant, and I mean that. But you are up against reality on this particular issue, and cleverness in debate will buy you nothing.

Someone died, someone who local people know, because the authorities only enforce the law selectively. You'd probably help your credibility if you took a moment to view the problem in its entirety.

Credibility is a good thing. You should have it. Why not show some feeling for the victims?

brianl703 said:

Driving without a license is a misdemeanor so a judge with a backbone could've tossed this guy in jail.

But did you notice he didn't even get jailtime for driving on a suspended license?

Exactly, and if you or I had a sheet that long you can bet we'd have had the book thrown at us around infraction #10.

brianl703 said:

Did you notice the 60-day suspension and $300 fine for the DWI?

brianl703 said:

The only bad part of about this rap sheet is that it doesn't list the judges who handed down these light sentences.

Brian, the question about the judges is being looked into. There is quite a double standard. Some people say it emanates from Richmond; I don't know Virginia law well enough yet to offer any insights.

ashleypassarelli said:

My husband Michael is the eldest of the three Passarelli boys. We have Joe's first grandson, 14 months old. I want to thank you all for joining the discussion! We are all hurt, angry, and determined to find some peace in our forever changed lives. I belive that this happened in our world for a reason, and I hope I can figure that out. Please keep the discussion alive.

Ashley, thank you for stopping by, Yes, we will keep the discussion alive here. On behalf of all of us at NVTH, as well as dozens of other local residents who have been discussing this tragedy for the past couple weeks, I offer our sincerest condolences.

All of this discussion is separate from the central tragedy that Joe lost his life and the family has to go on without him.

Joe's death has exposed a huge weakness in Virginia's public safety policies. The astounding leniency our laws and courts granted to an illegal alien will serve as a wake up call for people all over the state. There is something dreadfully wrong in Virginia that must be fixed.

Please stop by any time. I am going to move this comment to the front page.

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