'Boys under the boot

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I'll say it first before No Relation or his patriarch chime in: The Cowboys have a ways to go before they can be considered a decent team:
"Just pitiful. I'm just stunned," Jones said. "A game like this indicts us at the top, just straight through. It's just disappointing. We ought to be able to have something very special happen to us with (Tony) Romo's emergence. ... You ought to be able to take the pieces that you carefully considered, drafted and built, and those pieces ought to be able to be a good supporting cast, and that's not happening for us."

Dallas had so much to play for in its last two home games yet didn't play like a team worthy of a reward.

Before the stinker against Philadelphia, the Cowboys played New Orleans with second place in the NFC on the line. They responded with their worst defensive game of the season.

So much for Parcells' reputation of getting teams to peak at the right time.

Romo also stunk up the field, along with the defense, so putting the blame on Parcells is a bit simplistic. The whole team did not fall apart because of Coach Bill. The team fell apart because the majority are freshmen and sophomores.

The bottom line is, this is a very young team, still learning about the most basic of mistakes and how to avoid them.

That's also their saving grace, because they are young and have plenty of salary cap room for next year.

But they need to grow up in a hurry in January or they will be smashed and smothered out.

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Steveoath said:

Looks like you were a bit premature trashing the cowboys last year.

Looks like you're about one year late in commenting on that post, but I will admit such observations can take time to fully form.

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