Carnival of WIJF: Crazy for Christmas

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Has everyone visited Charles of Two Conservatives recently?

He has produced what appears to be the mother of all home Christmas light shows. Amazing.

I wrap some lights around a bush and the post on our front porch and crash on the couch for the remainder of the winter. After seeing what this nut has accomplished, I don't know whether to be awed, or shamed. I guess the only proper response is to feel both. This may require a pilgrimage to Manassas.

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Charles Author Profile Page said:

You should certainly not be "shamed". Each person does what brings them joy, and for me it's apparently ensuring that Dominion Power ends up in the black.

My wife likes the lights, it cheers her up, and that's what matters to me. Although I enjoy other people enjoying the lights as well.

On another note, the Bull Run Park christmas light drive-thru is back this year (last year it was cancelled), it's a new company so I don't know what it will be like but if you like lights, it was always fun to drive through before.

Also, the Mormon Temple (off the beltway in Maryland, where once someone had written "Surrender Dorothy" on the overpass) is supposed to have a brilliant light display, along with a living nativity, and almost nightly choral and other presentations. I'm not a mormon, but each year I think about going to see this -- I've never made it, but maybe this year.

kevin said:

Surrender Dorothy! Was I the only one that thought that was hilarious? I'm chuckling now just thinking about it. I've never been to the Christmas display. I dont think they let non-mormons in, do they?

Prester John said:

Re: the light show at Bull Run Regional Park. We were thoroughly UNimpressed with the display this year. Save your money and drive around the neighborhoods in your area.

Charles Author Profile Page said:

Kevin, anybody can tour the grounds and see the sights. I can't tell you waht the rules are with the temple itself, but the performances are open to the public.

Thanks for the warning, PJ, but kids will not be deterred by a negative report, so I'll be driving through the lights myself after Christmas with a full carload. We'll have fun no matter how sucky the lights are.

Tomorrow night is our first "drive around town" night, we usually do two or three.

Prester John said:

The best lights in the Manassas area? Try driving around the old part of Manassas Park! Wonderfully tacky displays all over the place.
Beats the heck out of all the snotty nosed developments!

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