Delightful Weather!

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If this is what global warming holds in store for us, please count me in. I just want to go kiss a truck or something.

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Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

yeah, this weather is just lovl... hey, whAT'S THAT BEHIND YOU??? AN ICECAP!!!

OP said:

Further proof that, to the true believers, global warming is a non-falisifiable hypothesis. No matter what the weather does, it's the fault of global warming. Snow storms in Seattle? Global warming. Lack of snow in Virginia? Global warming. Strong hurricane season last year? Global warming. The strong hurricane season that they said would happen this year but didn't? Well, let's just forget the global-warming scaremongers ever said that. Now that the enviros have thoroughly discredited themselves by constantly crying, "Wolf!", maybe we can start to look a rational solutions to our energy problems. Whether Al Gore likes it or not, the internal combustion engine is not going away, and the American economy will continue to rely heavily on oil. Yes, we need to talk about more efficient uses of energy, but the screeds that come from the Green crowd add nothing useful to the debate.

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