Era of Big Brother Is Upon Us Here Now

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Well that was a bracing onslaught, I must say. We haven't been inundated, we've been SPAM-um-dated!!

It appears our lazy, hazy, crazy days of open commenting at the NVTH Blog are over. There may be filters to deal with this new variety but from what I've seen it would take a Jack or Jacob to implement (I'm a humanities guy, sorry). I don't really like instructions that take longer than a paragraph because after that much technical reading I'm checking e-mail, baking cookies and gazing absently off into the distance.

Plus, I prefer the more definitive, robust, possibly injurious approach to any problem ... so won't you seh hallo to mah little fren ...


From now on if you want to contribute here your papers better be in order, or you will have to move on to the next blog where the undocumented are still welcome. The upside is, this should be the end of spam which will make me happier and free up some time. The downside is, I'm told the Typekey handshake with Movable Type is broken and therefore comments will be broken as well until I tinker it to death.

Hey, it ain't perfect, but it's a blog, dammit, and it's our blog, and there are parts of the world where they'd give a herd of goats just to have a broken blog like this one. So we should all be grateful.

Get ready, I shall now commence activating authentication. Anything might happen.

UPDATE: I can't comment on me own blog! I cannot comment! Ohhh, the humanity!

BUT we've had no spam in almost five minutes! Heaven smiles upon us!

UPDATE II: Not doing so good here, are we? I am googling "registration is required" so have no fear. I always immediately find exactly what I need to know on google. In the meantime, I'm sure many have been banging into the same wall, yet full of thoughts they are bursting at the seams to post here.

In the spirit of the season, let me venture to convey what some of our commenters would be typing if they could be typing:

Gozer: "You lightweight, panty-waist magazine reader and think-tank supplicant. Read some damn actual research and maybe books for a change and then we will talk. Also, Go Florida."

Kevin: "I shall believe your tales of illegal immigrants only when every one of them has personally stepped on my toe and provided DNA evidence of their illegality. Till then, I scoff. I also drink, but even then, I scoff."

Zimzo: "Joe, you magnificent, wonderful bastard! You have been right all along! Merry Christmas, Joe, Merry Christmas, everyone!"

Jack: (Jack isn't saying anything, just standing in the background with his whacking stick, giving us all the Clint Eastwood glare.)

UPDATE III: Not too good. In the process of resetting and rebuilding I had to open up comments for about 9 minutes and during that time 7 spam comments all got through my filter, so I am convinced this present state of affairs is unavoidable.

The Typekey-Movable Type combination pretty much blows, which does not say much for SixApart, which owns them both. You would think all the effort required to keep Movable Type in good form would inspire them to provide a functioning integration with THEIR ONLY OTHER BUILT-IN AUTHENTICATION SOLUTION WHICH THEY ALSO HAPPEN TO OWN.

I will eventually get it figured out, not necessarily tonight.

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Charles Author Profile Page said:

Ha. Ha Ha.

I know typekey. I use it over at captains quarters, a great blog that is deserving of typekey protection.

But I set up a new typekey just for places like this.

At least you didn't go to that horrid wordpress crap.

I haven't had any problem with spammers, I do have that annoying word verification stuff turned on but that seems to stop most of the auto-bots.

Let's see if I can comment.

Jack said:


kevin said:

I shall believe your tales of illegal immigrants only when every one of them has personally stepped on my toe and provided DNA evidence of their illegality. Till then, I scoff. I also drink, but even then, I scoff, even more.

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