Era of Charles Is Upon Us

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Well jiminy cricket don't that take the cake.

I spill my sweat and blood building this stinkin' blog and while I toil away against the spam-bots and can't even comment on me own blog, in comes this galavantin' Charles with his fancy Typekey ways. Registering in, thank you very much, leaving comments to and fro, here and there, like he doesn't have a CAAARE in the world, submitting his precious comments, watching them post successfully and flittering off on his twinkly little toes - "Ta ta, by the by, Charles was here, so very nice to comment at your blog!"

Well, isn't that just peachy-kins. Old Charlie boy is speaking his peace and showing off his skills. I'm happy. So happy, in fact, that I just might stand atop the roof and shriek like Rodan herself: "AAAUUURRRRGGGHHH - AAAUUURRRR - AAAAUUURRRGGGHHH!!!" blasting the somnorific denizens of Sterling out of their slumber, shaking their foundations and sending their rottweilers scurrying under their beds whining like mewling little newborn bunnies.


Well I just can't say what I think, if this is how the comments are going to be. No spam. No Joe. Charles when he deigns to toss us a comment. Oy feel loyk a prisnah, govnah; a prisnah in me OWN blog. It's a shame, is what it is.

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Joe Budzinski Author Profile Page said:

another futile test I presume

Joe Budzinski Author Profile Page said:


The only thing I did differently was to go into my Typekey account screen, change the listing for this blog under "Your Weblog Preferences" at the bottom to read like this:

With the trailing "/".

The, leaving that account screen open, I "signed in" here, and UNCHECKED the "Remember personal info?" box above.

I don't know which of those changes made it work, but it worked.

I'll play around with it more tomorrow, but to our prospective commenters I'd say, first create a Typekey account so you can log in, then log in, then uncheck the Remember personal info box, and try leaving a comment. Maybe it was just unchecking the box.

When it is figured out I will post instructions on the main page.

Charles, game on.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

Since Joe has ushered in the age of Big Brother...

This place has always used typekey, and my "Immigration Information" post was in fact posted on the morning of 12/7/06, after Joe's mad ramblings...

zimzo said:

Conservatives just aren't as adept with modern technology as liberals, Puffy. That's why they don't want anything to change. For them, the future is a very scary place.

By the way if you want to know what I look like, check out my profile.

Charles Author Profile Page said:

It's pretty sad when I'm on the "leading edge of technology".

OK, I've actually been steeped in technology since I was a young lad, but I fancy myself a neophyte.

Anyway, I was literally cracking up in my chair laughing at this post, Joe, you did a great job.

zimzo, I was going to agree with you that right now the future does look like a scary place ;-)

But in fact I'm not really scared. First, God is in control, not man. Second, I've lived through a lot in my long life and this won't be any worse. Third, it's mostly liberals that live in dread fear that somehow the climate will change ever so slightly and things will be different and how will we cope, while conservatives don't know the future, but we are pretty darn sure that whatever happens, we will adapt, overcome, and thrive.

And if that means I have beach front property in Manassas, so be it. :-)

Robin said:

Hello in there!

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

test, test. sibilance. test, test.

Liberals live in fear? Charles, conservatives stance on every issue is, "it's the end of life as we know it..."

"stop gay marriage, for the children"

"stop immigration, for our communities"

"stop abortion, ...for the children?"

"we have no choice; we MUST kill iraqis, spend more on the army, spend less on education..."

and when 90% of the world says we might by contributing to a climate shift, you think it's liberals living in fear?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


(looks like everything's back to normal, Joe!)

Robin said:

Oh it worked! I was so afraid you boys were mad at me or something. ;-)
I do promise to play nice and offer to share my wine and wine coolers with most of you.
Charles dear,
Liberals aren't afraid of change in the least. We are usually the ones that start changes.
Joe, that was one ROFLOL post.

HAH! "Sibilance". Oh, geez, YOU all are the stars here. How frickin' funny.

I'm sorry but tonight is Christmas cards night and I have to take the lead. I'm like 50 down and 50 to go. Addressing and writing the messages, and the wife finishes them off. If I don't persevere quickly they're going to get weird (Kevin, you know where I'm coming from).

Cannot tarry. Mental acuity has its limits. I'll be back. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, everyone!

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