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Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:


I like these guys!

Michigan-Ohio in neutral terriroty, on a reasonably-sodded field...

I'm going to say, Michigan 21 Ohio 17

kevin said:

looks like UCLA's quarterback is gonna be a little sore tomorrow. . .

Happy Camper (formerly SPMM) said:

he's a trooper,

I'm a happy camper!

Jack said:

UCLA wins!!!

Zimzo, back in your chair; there's still football to be watched.

Happy, careful, a few more big plays by Florida and you might start biting your nails again.

By the way my homophobic button, the one that says "I'd rather fight than switch," has been mothballed for a couple years now because whenever anyone pushed it I socked 'em in the jaw. Yes, it was cringe inducing.

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