Guest Blogging at D.L Next Week

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Next week or Christmas week I'll be doing some guest blogging at Dismantling Leviathan, as soon as my schedule opens up a little. Kevin has graciously extended the opportunity again even though his antennae keep picking up signals of puppetry from me.

Believe me, if Crazy Joe were ever to create a sock puppet, it would knock your socks off.


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kevin said:

Hey, btw, thanks for the interest and also it has come about that Digital Camel is how we shall be known now.

How many cases of lung cancer will it take for you opportunistic rednecks to grow a soul? How many of our youth must become addicted to the sordid weed you Marylanders continue to foist upon our best and brightest? Normally I'd be inclined to try and help you out with a logo but in this case I'd just feel too ... dirty.

kevin said:

ssshhhhhh. . .breathe

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