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Today is my birthday (technically, yesterday, the 24th) and per the annual family custom my wife bought me a big pile of crack, so I'm a wee bit discombobulated right now.

Hello, my name is Joe, and I'm an addict.

The most wonderous thing about having a full season of '24' on DVD is you can blitz through all the suspenseful breaks, whether commercial or at the end of each episode. '24' is by far the best program ever to appear on television, and arguably one of the top five inventions of the human race. It's mastery consists in both content and style: The continuing story is phenomenal, but the telling is out of this world. Every new season brings new paroxysms of frustration, because the writers build in hundreds of the most amazing cliffhangers, minute to minute and week to week.

When the DVD set comes out in December, you've got one of the most powerful and dangerous drugs on the planet, because you can just keep hitting "Play."

There is something uniquely evil to this. (There was a sequence in the movie Brainstorm that illustrates the effect.)

The cliffhangers are so compelling you can't stop. '24' is a 24-hour movie that begs to be watched straight through.

You can't go to bed at 11:00 pm when you have a fresh batch of this crack, because in Jack Bauer time it is only noon, and Jack is about to die or give himself up. You must stay up to midnight, and probably 3:00 am, and possibly all night, because the story continues to unfold and, besides, Jack Bauer stays up for like 36 hours straight and you have to step up to the plate if you're even half a man.

We own all five seasons now. Because the production quality is so high a person can watch one of these jobbers more than once and not really feel guilty about the time spent. Each one is only 24 hours long and, no matter how you cut it, that only takes a day to watch.

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kevin said:

happy bday and Merry Christmas!

Thanks, Kevin, and sorry to see you had to get up so early!

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

happy (belated) birthday/holidays!

Thanks, SPMM, happy Solstice to you, also.

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