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You may already know about it or you may not. Whichever the case, you should definitely go check out 3hive, the blog that is "sharing the sharing". It's likely that no matter what your musical tastes are, you'll find something you like at 3hive. A collective, 3hive is contributed to by Sam, Sean, Jon, Clay, Shan, and Joe. These guys review bands and provide links to mp3s posted on the bands' record label websites (translation: totally free and legal music). If you hear something you like, buy it. If there's a band you're wondering about, or if you're just interested in a particular genre (they've even reviewed Sufjan Stevens), search for it with the Navotron (right hand column). Some of the older posts have links that have since been killed, many appear intact. For those of you with dial-up you'll just have to exercise a little more patience. Worth it.

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Sounds interesting; I've got lousy throughput at home but will check it out next week. Thanks.

Robin said:

Very cool Kevin! Thanks!

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