Pre, During, and After

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1: "That's what I'm tellin' you man, I'm a contract worker. A day laborer in construction."

2: "So?"

1: "So that's what I'm tellin' you. All you need to tell her is what you do. You don't need to be goin' into this and that, tellin' her something that you' not."

2: "I can tell her Ima spot welder making $25 an hour, what difference is that gonna make," he turned to me and flashed a smile of gold teeth. Looking at me, "She gonna see her money, I could be a spot welder makin' $25 an hour, how she gonna know?"

1: "But that's what I'm sayin' man, don't be stupid. Why would you tell her you something that you not? That's what I'm sayin'. Listen, the woman is a creature of God, right?"

2: "What?"

1: "She a creature of nature right? A creature of the world, a creature of nature, a creature of God, right?"

2: "For real, though, you saw that in her, right?"

1: "That's what I'm sayin'. She comin' at you with Pre, During, and After, don't let that throw you off."

2: "Pre, During, and After? What are you talking about?"

1: "Listen, I'm talking about Pre, During, and After. Like God, man. She is a creature of God, in all phases at once and in your face about it. A stupid man, he don't understand. A stupid man who don't understand, only choice he know to do is to beat it into submission. That's because he stupid. He don't know no other way to deal wit' it. The wise man understand it, you see? He don't fight it. He know. See? She a good girl, I met her. But just because you don't understand don't mean she crazy."

2: "Fo' sho'."

1: "So you don't tell her you somethin' that you ain't. Listen, what you do, gonna come back to you. Ok? Ok, it may not come back to you. Maybe it comes back to your children, but in some way it comes back to you."

2: "Or it might come back to the person sittin' next to me." I looked over at him.

1: "No, I'm saying it will mos' definitely come back to you in one way or another. Or if it don't come back to you it'll come back to your children, because they part of you. See I walk my faith. And you need to too. You don't go tellin' her you somethin' that you ain't because that's gonna to come back to you. See what I'm saying? Pre, During, and After. See, maybe I'm sittin' here on the bus, a day laborer after work, wit' my plastic bag that's got my plastic plates and plastic fork and plastic knife in it ... I gotta do these dishes when I get home too ... but I may be here because of what my grandfather did. And it's coming back to him through his grandchildren, you feel? Pre, During, and After."

2: "For real, though, I'm trying, I can feel it because you know what? Last week, for no reason whatsoever I'm sittin' there thinking, 'Well, I ain't got nothing better to do' so I got up and I went to church. And I'm not kiddin', man, it touched me too. It changed my whole perspective, y'know. Now I can see opportunities opening up. I never saw that before because they wasn't there."

1: "C'mon man," standing up. "We just missed North Ave. We gonna keep walking and we gonna keep talkin', man, c'mon."

2: Looking at me, stood up, flashed his gold teeth, pulled up his sagging pants, and got off the bus.

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Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

I knew it all along: day laborers are a bunch of ancestor-worshiping PAGANS!

God help us all...

kevin said:

Really, what I think this shows is that people from other cultures, who talk different than us, who don't travel in our sphere, don't share our values.

zimzo said:

...or maybe don't have any values at all.

Where have all the conservatives gone? Don't they have kooky liberal in-laws or rebellious liberal kids that can help them with this technology stuff?It's no fun making all their arguments for them.

Meanwhile go vote for some of my favorite blogs at the Weblog Awards:

THE Moderate Voice
Best Centrist Blog

Jon Swift
Best Humor Blog

Michael Berube
Best Educational Blog

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

"Where have all the conservatives gone?"


...long time passing.

I'm here, quit yer grumbling. I'm trying to read all these articles you guys have posted, and handle the domestic obligations which I just got free of 5 minutes ago, plus having to learn everything about this newfangled thing called "accounting" at the day job which leaves precious few daytime hours for the blog. Can't speak for the others. Maybe we took them a technological bridge too far ...

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