Those Criminals are Illegal!

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In my travails across the 'internets' I've come across some interesting links. The Urban Institute, a nonpartisan study group by Wiki standards (and actually by their own self-proclamation) did a report, of which a summary was "Posted to Web: June 30, 2000", entitled "Illegal Aliens in Federal, State, and Local Criminal Justice Systems" Quite interesting, in fact, though a little outdated. But then that makes this an interesting topic for debate:

The increase in prosecutions and convictions of illegal aliens appears to have significantly affected both the number and the estimated costs of incarcerating and supervising of defendants convicted in federal courts. Since a substantial share of the increase in illegal aliens convicted appears to be due to increased border enforcement, this increased burden on the federal criminal justice system can be seen as a secondary cost of such border enforcement. If border interdiction efforts successfully reduce attempted illegal entry, this negative impact on the federal criminal justice system may be short-term.

More below. . .

Incredibly more interesting and somewhat more up to date are the US DOJ's Bureau of Justice Statistics. But you're going to have to sit down to read it. And then we can wait and watch Jack extrapolate wild musings and causal relationships.

And then lastly, I can't go without stirrin' up Had Enough with this one. Just don't wait too long, I don't know how much longer before they kill the story

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Kevin, the DOJ site is interesting, I grant you, but I don't get the point. Or, there are a lot of points. Is that the point?

I can't get the Yahoo story. My Verizon "hi speed" is only hi speed for text-only pages tonight, it seems.

As to your opening argument, is it that increased border security results in increased incarceration? Are you mainly concerned about the cost? Do tell.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:


kevin said:

Good call Joe. The DOJ site is maybe premature because I haven't really formulated any arguments and now that I'm half under the influence of Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra tea, it may have to wait even longer. I first offer it as the backdrop to any report you may receive tomorrow or the near future, and to broaden the discussion on crime in general. Hard to talk about the crime of immigrants, legal or non-legal, without looking at the broader issue of crime in general. It's easy to point out that one illegal immigrant here in Maryland killed a valuable member of our military in a drunk driving accident. At the bottom is a huge list of links to their other informative publications.

Of course increased border security results in increased prisoners and to be sure that taxes us and the CJ system. It's an argument if someone wants to pick it up. I probably won't be tonight. I'm also interested in the claim that increased border security acts, or ought to act, as a deterrent to crossing the border and whether it actually has.

The Yahoo story is about a mall in Texas which is openly enticing the rich in Mexico to come across the border and spend their hard earned money right here in the United States. Our capitalism is still reaching it's grubby hands into Mexico's cache. I'm not arguing. The story for me was just a bit of fun.

Damn, where can I get some of that tea? Turn Kevin into a ball of mush, you got my attention. Back in the day, there were some root-derived substances ...

kevin said:

mmmmm, roots.

kevin said:

Also, I like the fact that the major offenses committed by the illegal immigrants (as noted in the Urban Institute) were, by the majority, just being here. This also comes from PSAIS (pre-trial info). Of course that only goes up to 1995, so. . .

kevin said:

This one's a little more up to date. I promise no more comments back to back _________

Verizon, thy slowness is the death of me. I can't read any of Kevin's links until tomorrow ...

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

see, in the more progressive regions of the country, the Internet goes, sometimes even without wires! Proof that liberalism is the road to the good life. Maybe you should try the choke switch on your modem! Now I'm going to to to youtube.

kevin said:

O geez. Download the pdf's they're actually a lot more in depth than the summaries and they have nice bar graphs (one shows in 2000 the % of immigrants in the metro Washington area that were illegal was 22). Unless your download button's not working. Or maybe you don't have Adobe Acrobat? Ha ha.

kevin said:

Jack, please excuse my laziness (hunger), I was in the middle of a pound of steamed shrip with Old Bay. Now that I'm finished I can show you just how lazy I was:

However, this is a good start in my search for actual facts. There are plenty of blogs I can quote, probably, written by people with an axe to grind on one side or the other. . .


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