Tim Johnson 'Political Fallout'

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Does anyone in their right mind think there is anything remotely compelling about the "political fallout" relative to Senator Tim Johnson's sickness? I'm not going to post any links because I haven't run across any total idiots and the instances of inappropriateness I've seen referenced so far seem born more of hyperventilation than serious thought. I assume most will step back once they've thought the issue through.

Two points:

Yeah, it's theater. Tim Johnson and every other public figure signed on for this type of public treatment when they signed on for the jobs. 51-49 or whatever it is; control of the US Government; celebrity status; referendum on Bush; blah blah blah - some element of the public world is absolutely going to wait with bated breath to see how this plays out. It doesn't mean the world is sick, it just means this is part of the show.

But, damn: What really lies in the balance? Does anyone make the case with a straight face that our future depends on whether the Senate committees for the next two years are chaired by Democrats or Republicans? I mean, Republicans???

Give me a break. The theater aspect is interesting, I admit. But in the end, let's just hope Senator Johnson gets better soon. Nothing more important lies in the balance.

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Jack said:

I'm not sure it matters anyway. My understanding is that there would be a special election, not a gubernatorial appointment: http://legis.state.sd.us/statutes/DisplayStatute.aspx?Type=Statute&Statute=12-11-1

I guess the issue would be when the special election would take place - a sort of "breathless" piece I read said it could be a long time off.

kevin said:

long. . .time. . .off. Serioulsy.

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