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The 2006 Weblog Awards is now taking place and I want to suggest a course of action:

Vote for Ace of Spades for Best Conservative Blog. Please go cast that vote right now.

Here is why I make the recommendation (on the off chance you are not already an A of S reader):

What I want in the ideal blog is a Web site I can go over and visit throughout the day and find something new to interest and amuse me. Sometimes I want the Stooges, sometimes I want Steyn, sometimes I want the latest news, and sometimes I just want to be freaked out. That's all what you get from Ace, day in and day out. It is one great Web site.

I see the overwhelming competition is Little Green Footballs. Nothing against LGF, but it is really a different sort of deal. LGF is fantastic and has the mega first-to-market advantage, but not nearly at the same level of personal effort. Ace works his ass off while Charles rides his bike and takes photographs of waves. Ace is a funnyman, a highly irreverant man, while Charles is more of the wonkish type. Which do you prefer at the end of a long, hard day?

Don't get me wrong: These are BOTH good Web sites, both guys of my generation and both guys I'd trust to have my back in a knife fight or hearing before the local committee of the liberal intellegentsia. But "Best Blog" to me means the one you are inclined to visit the most frequently. Ace wins that contest hands down.

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zimzo said:

Gosh, Joe, it must be awful hard for you choosing between Ace of Spades, who once wrote, "we’re running on national security and the economy, they’re running on general anti-faggotry" and Little Green Footballs, a fine community of upstanding conservatives whose members expressed after the recent election such erudite thoughts as "I just hope the nuke attack comes soon. Let it be on the East Coast where it belongs" and "Bush is losing precisely because he has took the high road after 9/11 instead of Zyclon B-ing most of the muslim world."

Sometimes I wonder about you, Joe. Well, most of the time.

Seriously, if you want to support a good conservative blog that is thoughtful and intelligent, even though I disagree with what he says 90% of the time, give your vote to:

Captain's Quarters
Best Conservative Blog

On the Left the most well-written and intelligent blog is probably:

Best Liberal Blog

And here are my choices from another thread:

THE Moderate Voice
Best Centrist Blog

Jon Swift
Best Humor Blog

Michael Berube
Best Educational Blog

Ace of Spades and Little Green Footballs, Joe? (Shakes head in disgust)

Gee, Zimzo, if parsing what an author supposedly "once wrote" or holding him responsible for what some of the commenters have written is how you measure a blog's value, then I probably wouldn't like any of the sites you recommend.

For me, it's the entertainment and educational value of visiting each day. Captain's Quarters is a great blog, and I'd probably vote it as #2, but it's practically a news site now because the Captain has become a bona fide expert source.

I tend more to light reading during recreational hours, which is what my surfing time usually consists of.

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