Weekend Photos

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Being as how the blog posting action has been kind of slow here I'm going to do what I always seem to do which is reach way back into the imagination grab bag and yank out something that could be interesting or, just as likely, self-incriminating. What the hey. The next step is to go down to the Herndon Day Labor center and gather up some undocumented bloggers to come back here and share their personal stories, but I'm not going to shell out $9 an hour unless things become truly desperate. But, nevertheless, y'all better be brushing up on your espanol just in case.

So here is a bunch of photos. I love the photo gig. (Hey, did you figure out yet that Kevin has another site going? Right here. The man is a frickin' artiste, is what he is.)

These are all of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque in October. We took an amazing sky tram ride and saw views that 100 years ago you'd basically have to sacrifice your life to see.








UPDATE: A few more below the fold.

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Quiero leer los cuentos acerca de los bloggers sin documentar porque pienso que proporcionaría un mejor retrato del debate en la inmigración.

Quiero leer los cuentos POR los bloggers sin documentar. ¡Dejar los bloggers ilegales hablar!

kevin said:

Wow, those are nice. That last one, with the wires going off into nowhere, is pretty cool. And who was with you taking your picture? That had to be a great trip!

Thanks for the correction, Joe. I guess meeting the college requirement for foreign language classes will only get you so far :)

Robin said:

Una que gran idea! Traiga en los bloggers espanoles.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

um, this is America, can we blog in English, SVP.

It was a great trip, and thanks, Kevin, for the compliment. (Keep pressing that picture-taking-button on the camera-thingy enough times and yer bound to get a nice one).

That was my better half taking the photos. She's practically a liberal in some respects so you;d probably like her.

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