24 night two update

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Just back to the hotel, no time to even take off my jacket ... damn.

First 15 min: They are making the Muslims look so bad at this point I have to say by the end of the day there is going to be a Muslim pope. This President Palmer seems to be no chip off the old block - he's more on the model of the previous president than his brother. In the final scene before the break they have ratcheted the Islamofacist angle up so far people are going to be burning mosques IN REAL LIFE if this keeps up. It will be VERY interesting to see how this season turns around .... because it will.

UPDATE: Jack is softening? I am beginning to see one of the political messages: "I don't know what means anything anymore, Curtis ... He's our only chance at a peaceful resolution to all of this." Maybe a plea for realpolitik in our future dealing with the Islamists. If we don't get pragmatic, we may never get a solution. Sins will need to be forgiven if we are to take advantage of the fact that some of the bad guys are at each others' throats. Let's see if the theme continues.

UPDATE II: We're about at the part of the show where someone should get tragically screwed. The obvious bets are Assad (sp?) or the family being held hostage.

Releasing the prisoners, negotiating with the terrorist leader: This president is such a bad president I think he dies before the season is half over. Divine justice works that way, and 24 is about nothing if not divine justice.

UPDATE III: Jack still says "nucular". Heh.

UPDATE IV: Bill Buchanan: "We have to do better than we're doing and we have to do it faster." Could be the motto for every organization in America. I see a motivational poster ...

UPDATE V: President Palmer: "Get me Jack Bauer immediately ... I need YOU to lead this search." Big turning point!

"He will see things that you and I would miss."

"What did the Chinese do to you?"

I LOVE Curtis. Everyone loves Curtis. I don't think this bodes well for Curtis. Damn.

UPDATE VI: Oh crap, a Sophie's Choice moment. He had to choose between his son and wife. Chose the son, the wife knows it, but the bad guy let the WIFE go instead.

Eric referred us to "Battleground."

This is the next classic reference. This one is pretty ugly. The wife just called the police, against all orders. I see dead people.

UPDATE VII: Chloe is the queen of war. She worked out the ex-boyfriend situation quite well. Oh my, what a woman.

UPDATE VIII: So Ahmed is ordered to kill the son. Ahmed has the gun. I hope the son gets away, but I have to wonder whether this could have gone much better if the family simply had a pistol at their disposal. He's holding the kid with what appears to be a Beretta, probably one of the new FX .40 or 9 mm models. The difference between life and death: The kid did manage to hide a knife, and I expect he will use it because he looks like a scrappy kid, but wouldn't it be better for this kid to have a gun available?

UPDATE IX: The kid made it, the wife seems to be safe, so the father is dead meat if you ask me.

The nuke is on the table in the first four hours!! This means, things are going to get REALLY weird because we are only in the appetizer stage of this meal. If a suitcase nuke is the setup, the main course must be unbelievable.

UPDATE X: The president's wife is a retard. A retard lawyer, but a retard nonetheless. Curtis has a history with Assad - and it is a BAD, BAD history. Oh crap, Jack is going to have to kill Curtis ...

and he just did. One of the best guys ever ... yep, that's 24.

UPDATE XI: Well holy f-cking sh-t. That was a surprise. They nuked LA in the first four hours.

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charles said:

The only problem I've having is that I'm just not feeling any sympathy. I'm not sorry LA got nuked, I didn't even mind seeing Curtis killed -- after all, he was disobeying a direct order from the president, which kind of made him a traitor.

And this wasn't the first time we had a bit of trouble with Curtis.

Right after the nuke went off, EVERY person they showed had a look of shock -- EXCEPT Chloe, who had the look of a really pissed of girl ready to get some revenge.

liberal guy blown up by the nuke. Ahmed "my name is Achmed" is dead. Body count impossible what with the nuke and all.

Most unbelievable item: Head of CAIR (the show's version) doesn't speak arabic, but the head of CTU does. In real life if there was an agent who spoke Arabic, they'd be over in the middle east or in the office at the pentagon doing translation, not running CTU, because we don't have nearly enough translators. And CAIR would never let a non-terrorist, much less a non-arab-speaking person, run their organization.

Good points, Charles. I did not catch that about Chloe. The CAIR angle is one I assume is going to become much more relevant as the show progresses. Like, for the next hour or two, after which we'll forget about it entirely.

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