AG McDonnell to push for 287(g)

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BVBL reports that Attorney General Bob McDonnell just stated he is pushing for the state of Virginia to participate in the ICE 287(g) program.

You can still count on one hand the number of Virginia elected officials actually taking the lead on solving the state's illegal immigration problem, but at least now it takes all five digits.

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WLN said:

According to today's Washington Post, it looks to me like a McDonnell is more concerned with helping the Senators raise taxes than anything else.

Unfortunately, any regional plan the Senate would agree to would require significant new taxes. Voters defeated new regional taxes for transportation in NVA and HR in 2002 and they don't want them now. I hope McDonnell focuses on immigration not higher taxes for transportation. Remember McDonnell and the Senate were big supports of the 2002 sales tax referenda.

Yeah, I have trouble figuring out the need to raise taxes when we have a $1 billion surplus. Guess I'm just a bumpkin. Thanks for the observation about our AG ... we do need to keep our eye on him.

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