Bad Overshadows Good in VA Immigration Bill?

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If this Washington Post story is correct, the bill just passed by the House would, "strip charities and other organizations of state and local funding if any of the money is used to provide services to immigrants in the country illegally."

The clause in question reads, "No state or local funds shall be awarded or otherwise disbursed to any organization when the award or disbursement is made to circumvent the provisions of this section by enabling such organization to provide the type of benefits or assistance to those persons who are otherwise ineligible. Further, no organization receiving state or local funds shall use the funds to provide the type of benefits or assistance to those persons who are otherwise ineligible."

I can certainly see the logic in not spending public money on services to illegal immigrants. However, I do not think that the state should be providing money to any non-profit organizations, because of laws just like this. Once an organization takes the bait of public money, politicians will set the hook and start jerking the line.

This is why I oppose Bush's "Faith-Based Initiative." While Bush may not set the hook, you can believe that a President Clinton would, and force Catholic Charities to hire homosexuals and provide abortion and contraception services in their employee health plans.

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Good points, Jack. I agree with you, but unfortunately that cow left the barn a long time ago. The state supports CASA de Maryland VERY generously. The residents of Fairfax County funded the illegal workers' day labor center in Herndon. I think if you check the 990s of any number of pro-illegal organizations you'll find significant government support for many of them.

In this scenario, the proposed bill is a good one.

But, yes, the better course would be for the government to downsize, to do less. When that day comes, we'll all be carrying umbrellas on account of the pigs gliding to and fro.

Jack said:

But for now, we just have to worry about the bovine excrement raining down on our heads.

Ron said:

I think we should point out how Fairfax County spent money on the day labor center, but didn't on a gate at the Sully Police Station and then the two officers were killed.

Yeah, something like $400,000 to Project Hope and Harmony, and even if the center closes or a for profit legal employment company is given the management contract, that money is gone.

Had Enough said:

Watch America's Most Wanted Saturday 2/3/07 for a story on the Ramos & Compean case on FOX TV. The Department Of Justice has TWICE requested that the show not be run.

More evidence has surfaced that they were set-up. Memo's have been leaked from DOJ and other sources in the last few weeks.

Shoot, I missed it, HE. Glad AMW covered it.

Had Enough said:

AMW segment on tape.

From America's Most Wanted Staurday night, segment can be viewed at

T.J. Bonner: The driver bales out of the car, starts running down the road. Agent Compean, with shotgun in hand, orders him to stop, in English and in Spanish.
AMW: But the suspect doesn't stop. In fact, he makes a mad dash for the river
T.J. Bonner:Right about here, at the top of the levee, agent Compean catches up to the drug smuggler. As they approach the edge of the levee, he leaps on his back and they go rolling down in a heap.
AMW: They struggle and the suspect starts toward the river again
T.J. Bonner: He suddenly turns around, points what agent Compean believes to be a gun. Agent Compean pulls his own weapon and opens fire.
...AMW: Agent Ramos watched the suspect appear on the other side of the river, jump into a waiting car and speed away.

John Walsh: "I think these Border Patrol Agents made an honest mistake. They picked up those shell casings and didn't think they shot this alleged drug dealer.

Well, you know what, they are paying the ultimate price - eleven years in jail.

Now this guy - this is what really bothers me - this alleged drug dealer, who was caught with a million dollars worth of pot, is suing the United States government - the United States taxpayer - you and I - for five million dollars.

Something is very wrong here and something needs to be done about it."

Had Enough said:

Jailed Agent Beaten in Prison:

Ex-Border Patrol agent beaten in prison, family says (5:31 p.m.)
By Louie Gilot / El Paso Times
Article Launched: 02/05/2007 05:20:17 PM MST

Family members of Ignacio Ramos, the former El Paso Border Patrol agent imprisoned for shooting a drug smuggler in the buttocks and not reporting it, said Ramos was beat up by other inmates Saturday.
Ramos, who is locked up in a federal prison in Yazoo City, Miss., was then put in solitary, his father-in-law Joe Loya reported today. Loya said the other inmates recognized Ramos from a segment about the case on the television show America's Most Wanted.

Bureau of Prison officials could not be reached for comment this evening.

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