BREAKING: Delgaudio Unveils Rules Of Conduct for Loudoun Supervisors

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[UPDATE: I guess it would make sense to post a link to the original Code of Ethics document, so here it is. Thanks to TC for the tip. Initial reaction: "You guys don't have to do all this stuff already?"]

Some members of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors are developing a set of ethics rules to head off any new alleged improprieties such as were reported in the Wasington Post last week.

To head off that project, our own Supervisor, the beloved Eugene Delgaudio, has just released his own Code of Ethics for the Board. It's a modest, sensible and much-needed set of rules, in my view. I particularly like number 28, but number 13 is another indication why I can never hold office.



My 33 amendments will include but not be limited to:

1. Supervisors should be volunteers. Effective immediately, all compensation is suspended for this and future boards. Surpluses are to go to reducing the tax rate.

2. Only volunteers should work for Supervisors, all staff and budget for staff is eliminated with savings to reducing the budget.

3. No Parking spaces for Supervisors, effective immediately.

4. No reimbursements for fuel, gas, meals or cell phones effective immediately.

5. No private car for any elected Supervisor or with the Supervisor as a passenger shall be allowed into the Town of Leesburg. Walking, biking, running or other public means of transportation will be encouraged by the Supervisors by example.

6. No gifts of any kind from foreign corporations or foreign nationals who do not have U.S. citizenship.

7. No gifts, (including free rides, awards, plaques, cups, gold pens, gas, supplies, discounts, or commissions) of any kind to any Supervisors from anyone including family during their term of office.

Read the rest below the fold.

8. No trips outside the country representing the county of Loudoun as a Supervisor for any reason.

9. No money for speaking engagements. No exceptions.

10. No speaking engagements as a Supervisor outside the county. No exceptions.

11. No trips as a Supervisor outside the County of Loudoun. No exceptions.

12. No political office such as delegate, alternate or state central committee member for any Supervisor. That's double dipping.

13. No meal of any kind shall be accepted including but not limited to: meals for meetings, public hearings, work sessions currently paid for by public budgets, meals at association, chamber of commerce, Howard Hughes Institute, Universities, Rotarians, Ruritans, Knights of Columbus, preservation groups, private homes. No alcohol can be consumed at any time during a term of public office at any public or private event where members of the public are present.

14. Reimbursement to the people of Loudoun County shall commence immediately for any trips, food expenses to date for any Supervisor who has eaten at the public's expense until Loudoun county is fully reimbursed. This shall include all terms of office including appointive office. The administrator will include a report of all meals for all years of the respective office holders.

15. No eating, snacking or drinking coffee during a public citizen comment.

16. No sharing of pretzels, cherry licorice sticks, chocolate or candy behind the dais.

17. Any Supervisor who does not live in a Townhouse can not vote on Townhouse rezonings or special exceptions. Only a Supervisor who lives in a multi-family home can vote for a multi-family home.

18. Attendance is mandatory at all Board of Supervisor meetings. Missing more than one meeting except for serious illness in one calendar year is grounds for censure.

19. Meetings shall be conducted from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. in order to allow members of the public access to all board deliberations. No meetings during the day. Weekend meetings will be on Saturday only and not Sunday.

20. There will be no emergency meetings unless there is unanimous consent of all living Supervisors.

21. During Meetings there will be a five minute break each hour with a ten minute break every 2 hours.

22. Committees should be reduced to 3 for efficiency and transparent government immediately.

23. Membership on committees should be limited to one Supervisor to serve on one committee with no double membership.

24. All Regional memberships or appointments in which Supervisors serve is suspended for one year.

25. All work at home programs are suspended for Supervisors. All work must be done in the board of Supervisors room or the respective district office on the fifth floor.

26. No tax abatement, easement, discount, special treatment or subsidy for a Supervisor allowed from the county.
This could be due to an agricultural district, preservation district, historic district, Purchase of Development Right, special tax district or sewer and water district.

27. Supervisors who live in preserved houses or historic house can not vote on preservation or historic district issues.

28. No new car for any Supervisor due to the transportation and other regulatory matters that come before the board that car dealerships propose and are in the public arguing for. Supervisors should only drive cars built before they were elected. In my case that would be a 1999 Buick Century for illustration purposes. Previously I drove a 1989 Ford Taurus.

29. No board of Supervisor appointees can donate to any Supervisor campaign.

30. No campaign fundraising of any kind are allowed and all collected monies should be returned to donors.

31. If campaign money has been raised and used for a non-campaign purpose such as a foreign trip or trip outside the county prior to the passage of these rules, then the county attorney is requested to send a letter of record to the state board of elections in Richmond, the commonwealth attorney seeking outside counsel as to its legality or potential for an appearance of a conflict interest or potential violation of federal, state or local laws.

32. All gifts from all corporations for "official business" that are in the possession of any Supervisor must be returned and an accounting be given to the county attorney of its return.

33. The office of Inspector General is hereby authorized with the full time equivalent employee authorized. The purpose of this office is to seek violations of ethics in the county government as a whole and secondarily to ensure all Supervisors are in full compliance with these standards of ethics and to document compliance with same.

And rule number 34, made available exclusively to NOVA TownHall, is that every Supervisor resign immediately and it consists of a statement of resignation with blank lines for their signatures.

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Greg L said:

You had me going there for a minute. That's pretty funny.

It's a laugh a minute with this guy ...

Dean Settle said:

Sure...laugh it up all the way to a treacherous loss in November .
Delgaudio thinks his joke is funny, but the last laugh falls in November.

Just sign the ethics declaration on the table, clown.

I doubt Eugene will be soliciting any advice from you, Dean.

Loudoun Conservative said:

Oh, Eugene. That's only funny as a private joke not as anything that could be perceived as mocking of ethics in general...

I'm not entirely convinced that Loudoun voters share this lighthearted view of ethics with you and Eugene, Joe.

Not to worry - I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you.

Yeah, I mean if you read the actual Code it's like "I pledge to love my family and not beat my wife." Duh. Maybe it also takes digs at one faction and not the other (which Eugene attempts to remedy).

So I can see why Eugene would goof on it. I'm cynical about these symbolic efforts, I guess.

10thdistrictrepublican said:

Love him or hate him, Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio is truly a one of a kind politician in Loudoun!

As for the ethics rules, he probably should have just signed them and not made a big deal over them. I am not sure this is a "mountain to die on"

That's what you or I would do - and neither of us are born performers. There will be plenty of other mountains even if he has to make them himself, trust me.

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