Fence Cost = $2 billion

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From the contractors themselves:

Douglas E. Barnhart Inc., a California-based construction firm, estimated $2.6 million per mile, or roughly $2.3 billion. Alabama Metal Industries Corp. estimated the work would cost $2.5 million per mile, or about $2.1 billion.

The fence consists of two security fences with a road in between for Border Patrol vehicles. The Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute provided an estimate of $1.3 million per mile of heavy industrial chain-link fence that is 12 feet high with an 11-foot overhang, much like the backstop on a baseball diamond.

"If we had a secure border, you could pay for the entire border fence in one year with the money you save by not having to incarcerate these criminal aliens," Mr. Hunter said.

Added Mr. King, who was in the construction business before serving in Congress: "We are now paying $8 billion a year on the southern border as it is. That's $4 million per mile and we're not stopping anybody."

I like Duncan Hunter. I also like Tom Tancredo, and over the next year one of our chief tasks will be to get all of YOU to like these guys as well.

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Had Enough said:

I've been in love with Tom Tancredo and Jeff Sessions for a long time. I call their offices to tell them I love them often.

People should call and praise the good and call and condemn the bad OFTEN, I do!

Had Enough said:

It would appear from what I have read that if a crat gives a estimate for the fence it is over the top, if a repub gives the estimate it is half or less the cost of the other.

I say use all the illegals in the jails, prisons and waiting for their deportation to build the damn thing and as they are finishing make sure they are on the other side of the border as they place the last brick.

That's what bush & co want, Cheap Labor. Put it to use.

The illegals don't mind building all the fences in this and surrounding counties, good practice for the big one.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

I know! How about we put fences AROUND the illegals? Then, since all mexicans love doing unfulfilling, menial labor, we could have them build tanks and bullets, thereby bringing down the expenses we're incurring in Iraq, and helping Us win our GWOT!!

Two birds, one stone! This might be a departure from what others are proposing, but it surely would be the best solution. I'm sure Gonzalez et al could work out a legal framework ...

step one, we need to make all illegals wear a yellow star of david, just as a marker so we know who's who.

...now I know some LIBERAL is going to say, "that's a slippery slope" well, I say, this is America, we don't need any damn slopes!

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