George Hidy Affair Winds Down

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After approximately 54 hours, the "Loudoun Insider" has stepped forward to say that she/he is NOT George Hidy:

George Hidy emailed me a few days ago with a draft letter based on my post asking my permission to use my verbage. I had no problem with it and did not want any attribution at all - I even jokingly remarked that "people just might think you are me."

Personally, I tend to believe this, mainly because I think it would have been better for George if he WAS Loudoun Insider rather than someone who borrowed a letter from Loudoun Insider, and George likely would have immediately stepped up and said "Yup, it's me" if it had been him.

Now ... well, the election is a long ways off, so this is not such a big deal. But my final comment is that George could have helped himself by explaining the situation, rather than waiting for the other person to do so, since he's the one using his real name. My recommendation for future reference: Nip these things in the bud. The explanation from LI, such as it is, does not carry the ring of finality to it, so there are going to be lingering questions when LI posts about local politics.

On the plus side, LI can once again fill the role of woman of our respective dreams.

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Dean Settle said:

Sorry we didn't get back to you sooner. We were laughing so hard for that 54 hours it was hard to type.

There's egg on some faces, but it sure is a twist to try to place it on George's.
Nope,we learned a very valuable bit of intel on the other side and how to best run operation "jump-thru-the-hoop" in 2007.

Dean, as per usual I only have one reply: What the hell are you talking about.

Stephanie Smith said:


My grandmother used to say "he's as full of crap as a Christmas goose", perhaps she was talking about Dean Settle?

Obfuscation is one of Dean's many talents.

I was going to attribute it to powerful narcotics ...

sally mann said:

I am laughing at Loudoun Insider, who I think is Dean Settle. I will never go back to Too Conservative because they deleted my comments at least 30 percent of the time, and claimed either I was "off topic," "too long" or gave me no reason, just deleted my comments and emailed me telling me to start my own blog. They refused to let me say anything to support Steve Snow or Mick Staton. They figured they could delete my posts because I was a nobody, and "no one would ever know." The joke is on you Loudoun Insider--for the joke that you are! You will see me around this election cycle.

charles said:

LI had a problem, because by giving the truth, he makes George look somewhat unsavory, and he needed to get the words exactly right, down to the clever "I even told him not to attribute anything to me", to try to get George off the hook for a Bidenesque letter.

Of course, politicians often give speeches that are written by others, but usually the speech writers are working off talking points provided by the candidate, and not the other way around.

If nothing else, this shows the inherent lack of trust associated with anonymous bloggers. And it's rightfully deserved, because you'd be a fool to trust someone who won't trust you with their identity.

charles said:

Meanwhile, LI claims you have some democrat's fundraising ad here (I can't find it, did you hide it from me), and George Hidy seems to have called LI a liar, and now LI is refusing to say that he ISN'T Hidy, or talk about it any more.

Who copied who's letter? LI claims Hidy copied his blog with permission, Hidy says nobody but "two people" know the truth -- which means LI is lying, because if LI is telling the truth, then we ALL know the truth.

On know, paradox. Because since we know LI is lying, then we know Hidy wrote it, but then we all know, so George is lying, so LI is telling the truth, but then we know he's telling the truth, which means Hidy is lying, but Hidy is telling the truth, but but but Norman Coordinate......

Sally, that's pretty brutal. We won't edit you here.

Charles, he is talking about the post about Phyllis' announcement (our longtime commenter "Moderate 5-19"

String me up ...


Well, I’m at a bit of as loss as to what to say at this point. It is sad that two people from differing political parties can’t have a friendship without causing a county wide discussion about it.

Joe as you said, you don’t live in my district thus you cannot cast a vote for or against me anyway.

But for all of you who are so ultra concerned with mines and Joes friendship let me say this.
He and I disagree on many things, chief among them are our feelings for Eugene Delgaudio.
(Joe, being the loyal person he is has defended Mr. Delgaudio to me because I believe Delgaudio is just about one of the most useless people I have ever met).

But where we agree we have worked to build a friendship built on mutual respect for the others views and a willingness to listen.

Let me also say for those of you who are worried about Joe being a committed Republican that Joe did post about my announcing my campaign on his blog. Joe has not:

1. Sent me any money
2. Stuffed one envelope for me
3. Knocked on one door for me
4. Made one campaign call for me
5. Not even handed me a single stamp

Finally let me say, on every level of politics people talk about wanting bi-partisanship and for politicians to try to compromise for the good of the county, commonwealth and country. However, when two people from opposite parties try to do this what they receive are charges of disloyalty and threats to be removed from the party.

I may sound a little full of myself but, in my humble opinion I have to say that I don’t think the problem here lies with Joe or me.

Chin up JOE MY FRIEND, I once heard of two other people from different parties who were friends,…. now what were their names…..hmmmm…..if I recall I think they were
Ronald Reagan and Tip O’ Neil.

The Country survived their friendship, I’m sure Loudoun will survive ours.

Phyllis Randall

Board of Supervisors
Broad Run District

(and Joes friend)

Dean Settle said:

You should include both sides of the story.
You're doing the same thing here to start out.

Once you had gotten on a tirade, you were counciled to stop 20 page thread responses. You got even more beligerent with every posting thereafter, and then started personal information attacks.

You ain't the most stable individual, as I actually felt sorry for your personal situation as shared/described to us all over at Tooconservative.

But after a couple of weeks, the reason your neighbor finally "snapped" in negotiations was pretty apparent. You have that effect on people.

And here you are whining and leaving numerous voids (parts of the rational and polite requests we put to you) in the story.

Anyone can post to tooconservative, and all sides are granted access, but they have to meet editorial request, like keeping post responses under 20 pages.
Only Sally and Ray Hyde coulds not meet that criteria.

sally mann said:

So you are Loudoun Insider, a fact you have not denied, Dean. Many short posts were not allowed, simply deleted. Loudoun Insider deleted posts where I said I thought Steve Snow and Mick Staton were unfairly criticized. My post suggesting that Loudoun Insider was you was deleted. You claim that I was "counciled" (sic)? By you? By who? I don't know what you are talking about.... None of my posts were beligerent.

I am not sure why you attack me just because I say that you are Loudoun Insider--why is that so offensive?

Thanks, Phyllis, very well said. It's like swimming in a shark tank ...

Sally, we do actually have a problem with 20-page comments. To address the problem, we convert the commenter into a fellow in-house blogger. Be warned.

sally mann said:

Hi Joe,

Promise! None of my posts will be 20 pages! HA! At Too Conservative, my posts may have been multi sentence posts, with no cute jokes, but they have never been longer than a lot of other posts... I think is it funny how Deane accuses me of things that 1. he would have no clue about if he were not Loudoun Insider--and filled with "voids" I cannot possibly defend-- and 2. are true about him! If you ask me, he is the one who is wrapped a little too tight... he once threatened me with his "20 years in the business" like he was going to go an dig up dirt on me....sorry Deane, I have lived a clean life, no dirt here....I want to meet him one day, so he can put my angelic face with all those crazy things he says about a total stranger!

suburbanite said:

Joe, after an absence I've been catching up on threads, and I think Jack Herrity's Ghost has this one knocked.

Remember that little dust-up over at BVBL when it was revealed that TC had a variety of IDs talking to himself? It isn't like that blog has a great credibility record.

Since the kid went off to college, the blog seems to be pretty much run by LI. Settle's comments here that they deliberately post nonsense in order to laugh at the stir seems to me to fall into the protesteth too much category.

TC has deteriorated into little more than constant potshots against (supposedly fellow) Republicans, which it edged on for quite a while before that.

Settle's constant denigrating claims that he and his inside buddies are the majority supports the Ghost's pronouncement: TC is a site run by so-called York Republicans to slam anyone who doesn't agree with them, and market themselves as a majority.

Don't know if you were here for the 2003 campaign, but one of the highlights of idiocy was when the highest ranking elected Democrat in the county resigned from her party in order to endorse Independent Scott York over her own party's Van Huyck, which was supposed to "prove" who the "real" Republicans were.

If it is Loudoun it ain't going to make much sense, and the exclusive club of "insiders" seems to prefer it that way.

Dean Settle said:

Compare notes after the election. The majority of voters will dump any pro-developer candidate.They've had enough, and the signs are all around you if you'd only look and acknowledge them.

I'll be on hand to say "I told you so".

Dean Settle said:

Sally, I told you "what was good for the goose was great for the gander"...after YOU did SEARCHES ON ME. I told you that if you wanted to continue down that road, I probably had a great deal more experience at it.
And I had to ask three times for you to drop it.

Furthermore, I'm not hiding anything, either.
And as I told you then, you are in a much more delicate position than I am, due to your pending lawsuit.
Therefore, the old adage "people who live in glass houses" should have made more sense to you than it did.

Again, please tell the "whole" truth (not poor little pieces of it)and learn to spell. Certainly you're one who remember's my namesake .. "Dean" Martin.

sally mann said:

Deane, All I did was google your name, sorry! That is not much of a "search." I am not sure why you are so angry at me, but I think we should make up...Sorry, again! I thought you would be rolling on the floor in hysterics that I thought you were Loudoun Insider...are you angry that I told people that my posts were deleted? Why? What difference does it make to you? And it is the whole truth that my short, on topic posts (that I thought were cleverly written) were deleted without explanation, after sitting in moderation for long lengths of time...I am not sure what you are talking about when you ask me to tell the "whole" truth...

Stephanie Smith said:


Dean lives to blog as is evidenced by the dozens of posts he makes to pretty much every thread (just counting the ones that he signs his name to). He is TC's busiest poster. Ms. Mann never once posted more than a one page post. Her posts were filled with very interesting information and frankly I'd rather read an interesting and information filled long post than 15 inane and purposefully misleading posts.

Ms. Mann tells a story that is hard for the anti-growthers to see published. It is an example of an appalling misuse of government to screw a long time property owner in favor of one who has the right connections. Since the apparent goal of the TC blog is to promote the anti-growth agenda, Sally and her information just didn't fit.

Get ready for Dean to hijack your blog now. There is minimal traffic at TC site since the plagiarism and identity heisting. I guess that nobody wants to play with people who could stand to become better friends with the truth.

This usually illicits one (or more) of the following responses from Dean . . .

1. If it makes you feel better to roll up multiples aliases into one so that you can keep track of them in your head go ahead.

2. Stephanie Smith is a lackey for the developers

3. Stephanie Smith has lied about posting anonymously on TC.

4.I'll be around to say "I told you so" in November.

He was so obsessed with posting to Staton's blog that Staton gave up all together. I hope you have more luck!

Dean Settle said:

Stephanie, you're right on target with all of the bulleted truths you posted.
Thanks for saving me the typing.
Please step into reality and identify slow-growth as my platform instead of your substitution of "anti-growth"
We all know it's coming. The dire discussion is how the hell do we pay for it without raising taxes again.
Republicans should be leading the field on this point, but 5 supervisors (and a good portion of the former republican General Assembly) seem hell-bent on letting the population pay for it in taxes instead of making the developers pay for it thru impact fees...

Sally, do you get the impression that I'm mad? I'm not. But I do call a spade a spade.

sally mann said:

Thanks Stephanie. I have to say that I have been flattered to be compared to you. There is no point in posting at Too Conservative, for me anyway. And I think Mick Staton should ignore them as well--they get so excited when he visits there! He should not do them that favor of lending their site any credibility, especially after this George Hidy fiasco, where they have destroyed their credibility by, among other things, trashing Mick Staton for pointing out the obvious. They held my posts in moderation until they could line up other posters to bash me, they ridiculed me, deleted other posts completely and told me to go away. Then when I posted what they did on Mick Staton's blog, they tried to lure me back (so they could deny they banished me, and then trash me again) by using my name over and over. In my opinion, Too Conservative is a juvenile waste of time and totally manipulated. It does not serve the purpose of free and intelligent exchange of ideas. It is too bad because they really could be a great forum, but they are too wrapped up in an agenda. Joe, you seem to be a more fair, and definitely more pleasant, host, to someone like me, who is just a visitor and no one really politically connected. I think this can be a great site, and hope to contribute well reasoned ideas.

Jonathan said:

Hey Joe, Send Phyllis some $$$.

Phyllis, I've been busy and haven't kept up with the Joe/Phyllis friendship controversy. Can you post a few links?

Kevin said:

"Joe, you seem to be a more fair, and definitely more pleasant, host, to someone like me, who is just a visitor and no one really politically connected. I think this can be a great site, and hope to contribute well reasoned ideas." Amen, sister.

10 feet tall and bulletproof said:

You can't contribute well reasoned ideas, because you don't possess that particular talent.
You have gone thru life as a perpetual "victim".
Let's all give it one big pity party

"poor Sally".

Christ, give me a break.

10 feet tall and Bulletproof said:

TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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