Get Ready For the Red Wolf

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My buddy Tom is working on an academic research project "this semester identifying potential habitat for a red-wolf introduction to western Virginia". Studying cartography, Tom sees Loudoun as "going fast".

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That's a shame - I hear they taste like chicken. I hear they go good with Red Bull too.

Has Tom considered any even more harmful, dangerous and fearless animals that could be brought closer to humankind?

God what I'd pay to see Takoma Park overrun with monitor lizards...

Kevin said:

Just because they've been released doesn't mean you can't kill and eat them. If they taste like chicken I could hardly blame you for doing so.

Just so you understand, Tom isn't releasing anything. The entire bit of excitement may only be virtual anyways, fun as it would be to think of a pack of wolves being released in your town :)

Up here a pack of wolves would be welcomed over what's currently killing us. . .

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