Guilt by Association

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Our good friend Zimzo has assiduously hammered on the point that anyone who is remotely conservative is thereby responsible for every sentiment expressed by any 'conservative' anywhere at any time. Many people would say such a line of argument is nonsensical to the point of insanity - but not I. I understand where our man is coming from, because I understand our man.

The graphic below has been brought to my attention as a singular example of the interconnectedness of all things.

Zimzo is a smart man, in his own right, but he also has some things to answer for.

For one: What about the horrific suppression of the Korean people? I understand how one must support one's friends, but where does loyalty end and basic human decency begin? I give the benefit of the doubt, but I wait with bated breath for Zimzo's rationalization of the North Korean regime.


Come clean, Zimzo. We accept you as you are, as a rather attractive man, but you must take responsibility for your friends.

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zimzo said:

My hair is shorter but the physique is pretty accurate.

Funny, but I did assume the long hair. Duly noted ...

jacob said:

Should not the hair be blond?

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