Gun Show!

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After a highly forgettable week, the arrival of the Nation's Gun Show on its periodic swing through NOVA could not have been more welcome.

(A few pretty cool photos are up at Digital Camel also.)


Best. Christmas. Presents. Ever.


Much more below the fold.

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Kathy said:

My son and his buddy were there!

Jack said:

What the Hell is wrong with these people? The last show the had was on OPENING DAY, and this one was on CLOSING DAY, one of the few either-sex days in most counties. Is this a PETA conspiracy, or are they just stupid?

Chris and Kathy, yes it was pretty cool, we are lucky to be living in the Commonwealth.

Jack, maybe they're just trying to keep the riff raff out.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:


Seriously. That's 2 times you've been right!

God said:

nice, probably some white, right wing living the Chriatian lifestyle that put this on. Cant abort but you have the right to shoot someone.

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