Has 'Loudoun Insider' been revealed?

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Interesting observation over at Too Conservative - and if everyone already know this please bear with me: Supervisor Mick Staton comments that TC contributor and occasional NOVA TownHall Blog commenter 'Loudoun Insider' is none other than Sterling resident George Hidy.

If true this comes as no surprise to me whatsoever, because I've found Loudoun Insider someone I normally agree with except for his somewhat overactive dislike of Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, and he has commented somewhere that he typically agrees with me except with regard to my veneration of our illustrious Supervisor.

These statements would apply PRECISELY to my description of my acquaintance with George Hidy.

It does not appear that Staton needed exactly to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this out, because a letter from George Hidy to a local paper contained very similar verbiage to a post by Loudoun Insider. If Hidy was intent on scrupulously guarding his identity he could have easily done so, so my guess is he did not care too much about remaining incognito - which is the case with plenty of "pseudonymous" bloggers.

Assuming this is true there is one point which needs to be made, however: Loudoun Insider demonstrates a broad familiarity with NOVA government and politics, and his commentary has always been interesting. In the future, his commentary on the race for Sterling Supervisor will need to be qualified by the fact he has something of a personal stake in the matter.

On a related note, I am considering blogging under the name 'Hercules' for a while, just as an image-building thing.

UPDATED: Ohhh-kay ... the crowd at TC has officially launched into "protesteth too much" mode by getting on Mick's case for noting the obvious.

In case you want to know what "paranoia" is supposed to look like, compare this letter by George to this post by LI.

Only some kind of FREAK would suspect they were written by the same person, wouldn't you say?

I responded as follows to the TC folks:

Mick did not actually do any detective work, he just noted the similarities between the two pieces and drew the obvious conclusion. Either that, or George (letter posted Monday, January 8, 2007 4:15 PM EST) borrowed rather heavy-handedly from LI's post (posted Jan. 5).

From what I know of George, I'd be more surprised about the cutting-and-pasting of LI's stuff than if they turned out to be the same person. It would have been easy to simply quote LI in the letter.

If George really is LI he ought to just say so because plenty of people have done this and it ends up not being such a big deal. (Right, Vince?) Trying to cover up the situation, though, could end up being embarrassing.

In any case, this group jumping all over Mick Staton seems a bit rude because he only called attention to the obvious.

Anyway, Loudoun Insider is a pretty good and well known blogger in these parts, and George Hidy is about to run for office, so letting the situation fester will only make it worse and the piling on Mick Staton certainly isn't helping either LI or Hidy.

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Dean Settle said:

Mick is known for his bouts with paranoia. I wouldn't follow his lead quite so closely, Bud.
If he stops suddenly, where would your nose end up?

So you are saying Loudoun Insider is not George Hidy? Ok, if you know something I don't. So Hidy borrowed someone else's text or vice versa.

Dean Settle said:

There are too many people having fun with this for me to go and spoil it, now isn't it? Life is short, and humor is where we find it.

You don't need to spoil anything, Dean. You've pretty much stated they are not the same person, and therefore George reprinted someone else's blog post as his own letter to the editor. Ha ha, good one, you got us.

charles said:

I guess someone could just ask George why he stole a blog entry for his letter to the editor, and see what he says.

Charles, that would be way too simple. Actually I could be on George's doorstep in about 1 minute flat - and I do have his e-mail address. But I prefer to let this play out as, er, Loudoun Insider wishes to play it out.

Dean Settle said:

Maybe he didn't steal it.

We set the stage, and a whole host of individuals tripped onto it. We never expected THAT much feedback.

This is why it was wildly hilarious and extremely productive.

Watch for more "stages" and offer more speculation, as we "mix it up".

I think that's already been discussed, Dean. Even if LI told him to copy the post and send it under his own name, it's sort of a lame thing for a candidate for office to do, and the question "did you think of that yourself or was it given to you by a blogger" will be a fair one to pose in the future.

George Hidy said:

I guess the "Loudoun Insider" will be letting eveyone know soon. :)

Dean Settle said:

However it hit the opinion page, it has merit and actually brings about a train of thought in the voter's minds not to accept decisions by Delgaudio as particularly beneficial to the county.

The move definitely eliminated all sane voices from the LCSA and opened more doors for the whacked out right, and more distrust of Republicans and the antics they embody. Just what we needed in an election year.

(I can only refer to them as "whacked-out" because I've seen them in action in first person)

For the record, I've stated clearly I want Loudoun Insider to be a hot 32 year old female in a tight camo-colored jumpsuit who carries an AK-47 and can drink me under the table. George Hidy, obviously, would present a major disappointment on all counts.

Dean Settle said:

Noted, and agreed with.

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