Housekeeping Note

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I'm traveling, the cause of which I will spell out soon, and this is why I have not been able to keep up with the comments.

For the record, we LOVE our commenters at NVTH and we treat our visitors as kings. For the moment, however "we" is "me" and me is really busy.

I'm depositing our younger progeny at college, which by the way is ungodly dear. I mean, the annual cost is more than I earned in my first 28 years upon this Earth. I was a spectacularly unsuccessful young adult, but criminy ...

So the days have been busy. Tomorrow we have 'parents orientation' and I have to drive back to VA in the afternoon, then I have a business trip to Vegas for the next four days. I love you all so please do not interpret my lack of immediate response as a lack of concern. I expect to have some stories and some photos (look at Digital Camel for many of these).

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Kevin said:

There ya go. See, the name is working out juuuuust fine. Godspeed in your travels.

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