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After an absolutely horrible, atrocious season for true football fans, tonight must serve as some consolation - nay, a wonderful consolation and triumph. I'm glad to finally have some legitimate common ground with my 200 ft. tall, very puffy friend.

UPDATE: Great Caesar's ghost, Florida did not just rise to the occasion, they are the occasion. There are still over 8 1/2 minutes left and the Buckeyes have given up and this one is over. Great coaching job by Florida and EXCELLENT effort by the Gators players. They have executed perfectly on both sides of the ball. The teams are not mismatched, but Florida brought their best game of the season and Ohio State did not.

UPDATE II: This is a great win for the entire SEC. I'm not sure if Eric has fully apprehended that fact but over time I am certain he will.

UPDATE III: Earl Everett's chase-and-tackle of Troy Smith, with NO HELMET, followed by the shot of Everett getting his face fixed up on the sideline, is one of the great visual sequences in football. I'm sure we will see a lot more of that one.

UPDATE IV: Thirteen of Florida's starters are true freshmen and QB Tim Tebow has 4 possible years ahead of him. After some pretty rough years following Spurrier's departure, things must be looking up in Gainesville.

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Eric said:

... brother, rest assured that I loved every single second of it....even though I do so hate the Gators, it was wonderful to see the SEC smack the Big 10 right in the kisser......

.. oh yes...

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

...that was a sweet no-helmet tackle

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