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What I think has happened is the commenting function is back to where it was a month ago - wide open for regular commenters. But those of us who became "authenticated" via TypeKey are now forever obligated to be signed in with TypeKey. I'm not sure if this has any advantages, except that we are each listed as "Trusted" within Movable Type - it won't allow anyone who is not authenticated to be "Trusted" - so we've got that going for us, which is nice.

It appears the Solid Wall of Code stuff is therefore working; a couple of spams have gotten through but most are going right into Junk. I'm tentatively optimistic. After we've seen a few more non-authenticated commenters get through I'll be more likely to pronounce this entire wacky, psychedelic month of experimentation a success.

UPDATE: Spam still is getting through, so we're going to give Jay Allen's 'Comment Challenge" plug-in a spin. If anything breaks, this will be the reason.

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Testing, testing ...

Hmm, the comment challenge either is not working or does not kick in for those of us who are authenticated.

so does this mean I an come back?


I'm back!

Jack I missed you so much. How about a big smooshey kiss.

Jack said:


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