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Welcome new visitors, and thanks to Michelle and John for the links. You can find more coverage of the conference, with photos and scintillating commentary at the following links:

Part 2 (old man Lowry)
Part 3 (audio of Steyn's already-legendary speech introducing Mitt Romney)
Part 4 (mostly babbling, also the link to Romney's speech)
Part 5 (some nice photos, mostly forgettable commentary)
Part 6 (some really decent photos, though irrelevant)
Part 7 (with video of Jonah Goldberg, Mark Steyn and Rob Long) - not to be missed.
Part 8 (audio of the women's panel discussion and John Bolton)

The fine folks at National Review are hosting this amazing get together in DC this weekend and I am lucky enough to have the chance to tag along. Unfortunately, whoever is in charge of the programming is a few steps out of touch with reality because the early morning sessions feature some of the best content (Newt Gingrich tomorrow and the immigration debate Sunday).

This means I have to go to bed REALLY early, like before 4:00 am, which means no time for editorial comment tonight. So here are some pictures.

First person I met was on the elevator, trying to find the floor for the conference. Turns out it was none other than Pamela of the great blog Atlas Shrugs.

I did not get the chance to ask whether she fully understands the iconic power of that Superman outift, for boys who grew up in the 1960s.

Remember, I do this so you don't have to.


The reception featured one John Bolton, about whom some asked "are there any exploratory committees in the works, sir?"

The evening session was a femme-fest. Consequently, I don't feel guilty sticking with visual reporting.


Left to right: Kate O'Beirne, Mona Charon, Kathleen Lopez (K-Lo of NRO), Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham.

Laura Ingraham lit up the place, in my opinion. No surprise there, as she is the talker-by-trade; but she is awfully good at it. On the question of what is wrong with the Republican Party, the woman sparkled. Transcriptions should be available here next week.

And now some random shots:

Michelle Malkin

Laura Ingraham


Kate O'Beirne

Mona Charon and Kathleen Lopez

Here are the audio recordings of the panel discussion and John Bolton.

More later.

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Kevin said:

If you get a chance, ask Michael Steele if he likes puppies.

Ron said:

Thanks for the update. You got to meet the great Pamela? Wow! I've met Michelle Malkin (and her husband, and they're really nice people.

By the way, I think it's Charen, not Charon.

Bill said:

Just what I was dreaming of...hanging out with a bunch of female nut case Has been moonbats from the religous right..what a turn on...hehehehe

Anonymous said:

Thanks for the view from within. Good for your for attending! Wish I was there, too.

Dennis said:

I caught some of this on Cspan.

I laughed when Kate O'Beirne made a fat joke about Rosie O'Donnell.

Kathleen Lopez was not amused.


Great centerfold, er, coverage!


Crying American Eagle said:

Where were the people representing American Citizens interest? Just looks like another neo-con fund raising type gathering to attempt to think of ways to take away America from the American Citizens.

Kilo said:

Hmmm..Pamela from Altlas Shrugs,,
Joe Bud...You da Man!

the representatives were in washington raising taxes and min wage to stymie the economy, while at the same time aiding and abetting the islamofacsists.

Amador said:

"Just looks like another neo-con fund raising type gathering to attempt to think of ways to take away America from the American Citizens."
You mean like the Kelo vs. New London decision ? No conservatives voted for that.
You're an idiot. These are conservatives, not neo-cons. That's a code for Jooos who were once donkeys.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

oh no you didn't, amador.

I move to open discussion of a non-binding denunciation of amador and his/her above comment, which is antisemitic and dumb.

i yield the floor

Stone said:

Neo-cons or not, you are all right now aligned with a party of liars, warmongers, and chickenhawks. Plus that xxxx bitch whatshername is a huge neo-con.

Look, until you all take an oath denouncing Bush, I for one consider all of you my enemies, and I believe talking will get us nowhere until you make that first act of asking for my forgivness.

Otherwise you are all targets.

Stone said:

Plus, how can you not call yourselves neo-cons with that bushy-faced faggot Bolton on the guest list? There's a spineless chickenhawk if I ever did see one.

Jack said:

Liars? How about the Perjurer in Chief, Bill Clinton?

The only problem I have with Bush is his stand on immigration.

Bolton had the guts to stand up for our rights at the U.N.

jack is back said:

Where did all the dirty little trolls come from here? Notice their lack of imaginative language and rhetorical skill? Why is it that people on the left have this inability to debate issues rather than personal and verbal hyperbole. Free speech isn't free - that soldier makes sure of that.

jacob said:

Hey Stone,
Congratulations. Your erudite name calling has transported all of us back to the 3rd grade. Bravo! I think you ought to hurry along now. You'll miss your shift Burger King. Your career at the fryer awaits.

When you say 'nippy bitch' are you turning your pathetic bigotry toward Michelle Malkin? Way to go slick; I am in awe old fashioned racism right out in the open. I appreciate your honesty, sick as it is. Go talk to Grand Wizard Byrd from West Virginia. I am sure he can give you some pointers.

Moving right along to your homophobic "bushy-faced faggot Bolton" comment. Such wit Stone, where to you learn your debating skills? Did mommy forget to teach you your manners? Let me guess you voted against the marriage amendment. If you did then you are a hypocrite on top of everything else.

As for us dwellers of this blog being your enemies. You don't have a clue. Enemies want to kill you. You ain't worth the trouble so I am not going to bother being your enemy. If you are looking for enemies, look elsewhere. Since you don't have the guts be anyone's enemy why don't you take your box crayons and go back to scribbling at the democratic underground or whatever ever rock you slithered out from under.


Wow, no Web access for a few hours and I come back to find we've attracted our first racist. Sorry about that, everyone.

BTW thanks for editing that comment, Jacob, good to have you back!

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

who's racist?

I count one homophobe, one antisemite, and one sexist pig. Not a bad catch, all in all, but I don't see any racists in this net. Try casting that "immigrant crime wave" one again! That usually attracts some nice, juicy racists. ...and if we're lucky, we could even catch a glimpse of the fabled White Racist himself; George Allen!!
: D

The guy wrote something about Michelle Malkin that Jacob edited out.

Kevin said:

I thought "n!ppy b*tch" was pretty racist.

From wiki:"Nip is a derogatory term for a Japanese person. It is derived from 'Nippon' (mispronounced with a short 'i' sound), the Japanese term for Japan. Usage in this context probably peaked around the time of World War II. It is seldom used this way today."

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

oh, I understood "nippy" to mean "tending to nip; sharp; bitingly cold." So that's a little ambiguous.

...isn't Malkin filipino, anyway?

if you're going to censor the word "nippy," because of what it might mean, you have to censor the unambiguously antisemitic attempt by amador to distinguish between 'conservatives' and 'neo-cons' by writing the later off as a bunch of "Jooos." There's no question what he's saying here, "They're not REAL conservatives because they're Jewish" THAT's bigoted

Kevin said:

Maybe I just took for granted Stone's stupidity and Stone actually meant bitingly cold. Filipino is accurate from what I understand. At any rate, nobody edited "nippy".

No, I would not have leapt to the conclusion: It's an epithet used about Michelle on the left wing sites. I think it was catalogued in her book "Unhinged." And yes, it is used out of sheer stupidity because I think she IS filipino, but smarts is not something we have to fear from these folks.

Anyway, I'm not much the censoring type (I will go back and look at the remark you mention - I'm a bit behind on the comments). I have met her and like Michelle and from what I've seen of her in person she is an exceedingly decent person, so I don't want that kind of crap posted here.

Jim Koy said:

Michelle Malkin and Mona Charen in cat-boots & pantyhose is sexy as hell! Kudos to you for the great shots that you don't see on C-SPAN! (All we need to complete the GOP "spread" is some Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, Dana Perino, Fran Townsend and, of course, Condi; send me an email when you do!)

Jim, thanks, I thought a few folks would appreciate the outfits.

Puft and Kevin, my bad, turns out Jacob is locked out of the admin and no one had edited the comment in question. I just x'd out the nasty word.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

fair enough. but everyone ought to save this link

for the next time we do the "who's a 'bigot'?" conversation

joe blough said:

You all at NovaTownHall might want to think about requiring a registration in order to comment. There's some fairly repulsive stuff in the comments section.

I for one am particularly proud of our right-wing ladies -- and wouldn't mind administering some courtesy lessons to the louts who slime into sites like this to insult them, with a 2X4.

Malkin and Ingraham, particularly, are gorgeous, brilliant and they rock.

In point of fact, the whorishness and mental laziness of the distaff left accounts for much of what is wrong with America today.

If they loved their children as much as they hate their fathers the US would be a better, smarter place. You need only to look at the constantly worsening intellectual incompetance and wild behaviour of today's school children to take the measure of the Hillary, NOW and Jane Fonda fans of America.

Back off!

Puft, I think when that commenter used the term "Joos" he was being facetious and was attempting to demean those who demean Jews. Isn't that how you read it?

Joe, normally we are pretty civil around here. This post for some reason brought heated responses.

Spider Dan said:

If this stone character wants to make this legitimate American one of his "sworn enemies", he is a bit tardy. The left wing kooks and scum liberal wing of the Dummycrat Party are already designated "enemies of all things created and valued by America".

Translation: Stone, your dental work and shape of your skull are in great peril threatening legitimate Americans like that....we'll ferret you punks out soon enough.

Sorry, Joe...but, some of these punks need to be hauled out with the trash. I love watching them fly over chairs, tables, through windows, right into the dumpster of history.

jacob said:

Spider Dan,
Don't soil your hands on the likes of Stone. He will slither back to the daily Kos.

'nippy bitch' has appeared on the demoncat underground, the kos and other places. I was not making any assumptions, I know what I was dealng with.
I like your math though no racists, just ne homophobe etc ...

Once I get all these techinical issue out of the way I hope to give you a run for your money. Your days of roaming free and unapposed by me are numbered pal.

Hope you had a happy new year.

waldo said:

I don't know what those Neocons see in Laura. Michelle U have it all over her, much more articulate and better thought out positions. keep up the good work.. Go Michelle!!


Amador said:

Thanks, Joe for covering my back.
'Jooos' is a slang used to accent the common practice of blaming all MidEast problems on them. (see Jimmah Carter)

Neo-con is the name given by the media to Jews who became right of center after 9/11.

Idiot is the name I give to annoying lightweights who believe their political opponents are always out to get them.

I always welcome the points of view, even the attacks. By all means, attack at will, but please use statements of fact to back up your points.

stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

not a single result from a google search for "malkin" "nippy" "bitch" contained all three words.

demoncat? what? is that a voltron reference?

now, any of you fools out there saying the left is responsible for the dumbing down of america needs to remember that your efforts got bush elected twice! (Bush, in case you've forgotten, is a moron). I believe he even benefited from his good-ol-boy charm in the face of Kerry's 'elitist intellectualism', or whatever. yeah?

I like how this guy wants to make liberals pay for their 'mental laziness' by beating them with a 2x4. How charmingly clever (for a conservative).

stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

correction: a google search for "malkin" "nippy" "bitch" will now yield one result that contains all three words: a link to this very discussion!

Puft, I did not pull that out of thin air. I will get you the ref. tonight.

Jack said:

Bush DID get better grades than Kerry. Bush also qualified to fly a fighter plane. Kerry qualified to drive a boat.

Meanwhile, Al Gore was responsible for the internet, and "Love Story," as well as a B.S. global warming book.

Yes, the Democrats ARE responsible for Bush's being elected, because they keep putting up losers as presidential candidates.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

Jack, that's the dumbest, most convoluted idea I've ever heard come out of you.

amanpour: I don't know what

"Idiot is the name I give to annoying lightweights who believe their political opponents are always out to get them"

is supposed to mean, but given what you said earlier,

"You're an idiot. These are conservatives, not neo-cons. That's a code for Jooos who were once donkeys."

I recon you like the word idiot. If it's facts you're after, let's start with the fact that the neo-cons were around well before 9/11. They are not a post-9/11 media invention.

...and you know what that means? the media is not out to get ya, 'idiot'!

Jack said:

"Jack, that's the dumbest, most convoluted idea I've ever heard come out of you."

And somehow, you cannot figure out how to refute it!!

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

more accurately, I'm not going to bother

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

...but it is pretty funny. you blame everything on liberals, gays, and iraqis. When your guy turns out to be a f#@%up, you blame the democrats! Of course it's someone else's fault. What a perfect conservative you are! Why aren't YOU running for your party's nomination!?

Jack said:

Can't.... Won't bother.... Whatever you say, Puffy.

FYI, I also blame the Republicans for getting Clinton elected, and for losing the House and Senate, so it goes both ways.

"What a perfect conservative you are!" Thank you. I have indeed considered running for office myself. However, being fat, bald, and ugly outweighs any merits one might have in this Age of the Superficial.

(In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Most Patriotic Legacy!)

The Nucleus of Our Whole World ever-growing Suicidal Nuclear Crisis is created by none other than The Most False as Most Greedy Ultra-Conservative and/or Ultra-Libertine Politico-Religionism everywhere – Universally. The World has No True Religion Anywhere!
The only and Nuclear ambition for all this Universal “True Atheism” is none other than The Most Voracious Global Inhuman Corporative Economic Exploitation – all by extreme disregard of The Most Basic Universal Human Literacy and The Most Basic Universal Good Samaritan Health Insurance. These two together are Almighty God’s True Democracy’s vitally essential means for True Individual Equal Opportunity to reach HIS BEST Personal Human Gifts (RIGHTS).
All of Our Vast Perpetually Dehumanized Illiterate and Sickly Western World is so ever more and more so “CRUCIFIED” or threatened with impunity by The Religionist-Instilled Fear of “Going to Hell” – if they have no “Faith” or disobedient to their Politico-Religionist Leadership: “’Heaven’ is ‘Living’ in Satanic Exploitation”!
Our Thoroughly Politico-Religionist Western World has always even tried to expand our Most Voraciously Greedy Corporatism to Our Islamic Eastern World’s “Friendly” Governments, but I most strongly suspect that Islamic Religionism has an opposite but Equally Religionist Inhuman Self-Defense: when our Western Corporatistly Imposed Inhuman Intervention reach their Eastern Critical level – like in our Iraq’s Unending Perplexity – the Islamic Religionist “Inspiration” to go to Heaven is The Super-Terrorist “Salvific” Individual Self-Immolation. All of these are for sure the portending Symbolism of A Most Certain Nuclear Armageddon! NO WAY FOR NUCLEAR SALVATION!!!

Whoa, get on with your bad self, Doc! Somebody get that man a fan and a cold glass of water!

Kevin said:

Yeee Haw! Now we're getting somewhere, Octav.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

you know how I love a manifesto!

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