National Review Institute Conservative Forum, pt 6

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Getting out and about is a big part of experiencing Washington, DC. I hope this little photo essay at Digital Camel gives a fuller picture of our town.

UPDATE: Whoa - welcome Michelle Malkin readers! We'll have some audio from Michelle's session up later tonight, Jack Bauer permitting.

UPDATE II: And welcome visitors from John Hawkins' 'Conservative Grapevine'! This has been a fairly decent spike in traffic, I must say.

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That woman sitting between the A-frames/signs is Concepcion Picciotto. I believe that she has resided in Lafayette Park since 1976 - 30 years!!!

Under her wig, at least during the Reagan years, was aluminum foil she wore because she thought the President was beaming alpha particles at her. I don't know what, if anything, she thinks President Clinton beamed at her.

Oops! I stand corrected. A close look at the sign/a-frame on the right reminds me that she began her sleep-in (the park) for peace in 1981, not 1976.

Makes sense. Jimmy Carter was busy ensuring our defeat, er, peace, until shortly before that time.

She is a fixture, that's for sure. I used to call her "crazy lady" but decided that was uncharitable.

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