Patricia Phillips Campaign Kick-Off

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Patricia Phillips kicked off her campaign for the Virginia 33rd District Senate seat tonight in Ashburn, amidst a huge turnout of over 65 local Republicans and prominent area conservatives.


The Virginia budget has more than doubled in the past 10 years, and yet Virginia's population has only increased by 12%. Clearly, state government is expanding far too much. It should not take more and more money from hard-working people to fund these ever-expanding programs. And because government will always seek to overspend its revenues, I'm signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge tonight...

I promise you that I will work to restrain the growth of state government; I'll work to hold state government responsible for their core responsibilities, and especially when it comes to roads...

Governor Kaine and Senator Herring insist that we need a dedicated revenue source for roads. Using code words like "dedicated revenue sources," when you really mean tax increases, is really hogwash. Taxpayers already pay "dedicated revenue" taxes. It's called the gas tax and the state income tax. In order for the state government to fund over $1 billion in new road construction takes only 3% of the state budget, and so all we really need is for the General Assembly to reprioritize their spending.


The signed pledge certificate was handed to Sandra Fabry, State Government Affairs Manager of Americans for Tax Reform.

Also present were Morton Blackwell and James Na of the Arlington-based Leadership Institute.


Phillips' supporters were thrilled by the "who's who" turnout of local political and policy luminaries, but most encouraging was the sheer number of activists - many of them young - signing up to work for and contribute to the campaign.


Who else was there tonight? Check below the fold.

Good guys: Candidate for Supervisor (Catoctin District) Robert Bruton and Clerk of the Circuit Court Gary Clemens.


LCRC bigshots (and, yes, good guys): Caleb Kirshner, Treasurer Mark Sell and Chairman Paul Protic.


Nice guy (if you're a good guy): Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Plowman.


Conservative=Fun: Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio and my buddy John Grigsby.


Guy's we'll be hearing more from: School Board member Warren Geurin and the man whose position on immigration pretty much mirrors my own, former Delegate Dick Black.


Conservative first: The man whose position on the Republican Party pretty much mirrors my own, John Taylor, president of the Virginia Institute for Public Policy.


The family: Is this a great campaign poster or what?


[Dear Too Conservative visitors, sorry but the photos have been removed. I was at the event, obviously, and my assessment is everything was being done correctly.]

The district: This is what the 33rd looks like, in case you didn't know. If you live within the boundaries and you care about the future of Virginia, please get involved!


Formidable candidate: Patricia Phillips has one heck of a grassroots organization coming together and it's not even February.


Northern Virginia conservatives: Patricia Phillips is a dedicated activist who has proven herself an effective and principled leader. She is exactly the type of person we WISHED we could vote for all those times we have had to hold our nose and pull the lever.

This campaign is off to a blazing start. Let's make this happen. Get involved!

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10thdistrictrepublican said:

I certainly wish her the best of luck fighting an uphill battle in this increasingly liberal district.

LitGuy said:

They've posted a video with clips of Patricia's speech on You Tube! Check it out and pass it on:

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