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Just got back from the Vegas trip after a delightful day hosted by the fine folks at TSA and United Airlines, and I must say I have not experienced such wonderful customer service since being marched to the lunchroom in elementary school, circa 1968.

It was all capped by an even more sublime level of delight, almost an unbearable level, when we landed in Dulles tonight and I realized I'd lost the parking ticket for Daily Lot 2. In the end this only added a little time to the trip, because it turns out they have the license plate number digitally filed, and after you fill out some minor paperwork the person in the booth looks you up and you get charged the same amount you would have paid anyway.

But the upshot is I'm a bit worn out so all we'll be talking about here is dinner, and that not so well. Here's how it all went down: After eating nothing but pretzels since noon, we arrived home to an empty refrigerator except for some select items. "Honey," I said, "I think this meal will be of the bachelor pad variety."

The wife quickly found a frozen dinner, and left me a cooking party of one.

My priorities being A) to eat, and B) quickly, I efficiently assembled four key components, to wit: tortilla chips, goat cheese, canned chili and jalapenos. After baking at 350 for 15 minutes, the final result looked like this:

This was exactly the result I'd been hoping for ... though I'd have accepted pretty much anything. Well, I hope this has been as edifying for you as it has for me, and that you enjoy the rest of your evening.

Click the link below for my official serving suggestion for this dish.

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megan said:

I hope you have some kind of hot-mit under that pan.

Actually on a cold night coming in to a nice hot pan of nachos on one's lap makes everything sort of even out. But thank you for the concern!

No Relation said:

Hey, what happened to your tea pot?

Yeah, I got the sort of chrome one for Christmas, it pours a LOT neater than the glass one.

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