That 'LI Guy' Mystery Continues

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Whoever in the world he might possibly be, Loudoun Insider does have a sense of humor.

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Jeff Foxworthy said:

LI is Randy Minchew

Maybe LI is whoever we want him to be ...

Jack Herrity's Ghost said:

Anyone who knows Randy Minchew and who has read his stuff in the papers and who knows where he stands will soon realize that there is no chance that he is the provocative LI.

Nevertheless, this "Who is LI" stuff is almost as much fun as the "Who is T" thread a few months ago.

Jeff Foxworthy said:


Minchew is still bitter about what happened last year with the senate race...note how upset he gets when talking about the people on the other side of that race.
Also, note that he is a land use lawyer, and that is what he does the best job of commenting on.
Finally note that an anon blog is a great chance for him to say all the things he thought about people as the LCRC chair/candidate for senate without formally pissing people off.

Jack Herrity's Ghost said:

Dear Jeff,

Keep to Country & Western Humor where you excel.

LI is an anti-development Scott York Republican who takes shots at all kinds of Republicans.

Minchew worked for Staton pretty hard after his loss and has defended both Delgaudio and Staton in public comment. Check out his response to the anti-Staton rant at:

No way LI would ever write that.

Jeff Foxworthy said:

You obviously don't understand the public vs. private feelings. An anon post is a great way to post his real feelings. There are other reasons that we can tell who it is, but it is not able to be divulged at this point.

Very intriguing, guys, thanks for letting us in on your observations.

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