The GOP Transportation "Compromise"

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I am still digesting information regarding the Republican transportation compromise, orchestrated in part by Attorney General McDonnell and Speaker Howell. While I understand the price of continued gridlock on this issue, I am very surprised to see these two principled pro-growth, low-tax leaders help craft a plan that clearly institutes massive regional tax increases and broadens the taxing authority of some local boards. I could care less about the abusive driver fees and diesel equalization but the other stuff is what really bothers me. Much of this "compromise" seems irreconcilable with conservative limited government, pro-growth principles and as someone who will probably be selling their home in NOVA at some point in the next few years, I really don't like the prospect of being saddled with a few thousand more in taxes (which also may apply during refinancing). That's a wonderful idea to help the struggling housing market! Anyways... I hope to learn more about the plan and firm up my understanding of all it entails... but it certainly doesn't look good thus far.

Some other bloggers have really started to digest the plan and comment on it, I suggest you check out these posts to learn more, found here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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anon said:

I agree. How can Jeannemare Devolites, Dave Albo and Vivian Watts wrtie a "NOVA" transportation plan (with Howell's approval) that relies on county boards and city councils raising taxes? This is ridiculous and desperate.

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