We Submit To Our Liberal Superiors

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Well the commenting situation has certainly separated the men from the, er, guys.

It seems some of our most beloved participants have not been able to navigate the new TypeKey regimen, and have complained to me vociferously, and therefore I have taken much time from my already-Romanesque daily drill routine to try and find a better solution for Movable Type comment spam.

I first learned that SCode is no longer supported - unfortunately after sending the SCode creator a monetary donation and taking the time to configure SCode here at the NOVATownHall Blog.

Next, I downloaded and installed much of the Solid Wall of Code multi-layered defense system. Unfortunately, again, after installing this fine set of products I found that turning off TypeKey authentication did not in fact remove the requirement for commenters to become authenticated via TypeKey.

As it turns out, turning off TypeKey authentication simply results in NO commenters being able to authenticate, because TypeKey is then unavailable.

Yep, it still requires commenters to "Sign In." Only there is nowhere to Sign In to.

So where we are left is: TypeKey will not go away. Lovely. Thank you, SixApart (owners of Movable Type and TypeKey).

As far as I can tell, this means moi, and a bunch of liberals - Stay Puft, Zimzo, Kevin - and Charles, who I have not been able to pigeonhole ideologically, and a small assortment of others, are the only people now able to comment on this blog.

Sorry, conservatives! Either you will learn to tame the TypeKey beast, or you will be left without a voice in the comments.

(I do have to say, though, shouldn't we all be able to figure this one out? I'm just sayin'... maybe Zimzo will be available for tutoring. Hey, I kid because I love.)

As stated earlier, in several instances: I encourage all who want to speak their peace to do so with new posts - these are unaffected by the dictatorial commenting regimen.

To reiterate: Once tied in for authentication purposes, TypeKey apparently cannot be uninstalled.

Our conservative friends need to get up to speed; or, conversely, I hope our liberal friends will take advantage of the opportunity to pummel me mercilessly until, a la the rope-a-dope, they will find themselves punched out, defenseless, and wide open to my searing conservative ripostes.

Either way, I'm sure it will all work out for the best.

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Had Enough said:


I would sign in, fill out the comment box, hit post and the screen would say I was not signed in. Over and Over.

kevin said:

Don't check "remember personal info".

Kathy said:

I jumped through the sign-up hoops. Hopefully my comments will now post (not that I usually have anything of substance to say, but it's nice to know I can).

Jack said:

Ain't modern technology grand?

Welcome back, H.E. and Kathy!! I forgot to mention the point Kevin made about not checking "remember personal info" - because later I accidentally checked it and it worked. Maybe it's a matter of the first sign-in?

H.E., did you do anything different this time? I know someone who would be most interested in any other advice.

Had Enough said:

When I would click a story to comment, as the new page opened the original comment form would appear and then disappear.

Then the typekey sign-in would appear. After I would sign in I could see my sign-in name but when I tried to submit I would get a message that I was not signed in.

Last night I was checking for new posts and when I clicked to read comments all of my original information checked with Remember personal info was there as before.

I wrote a message and clicked post and it went through.

It has been very strange.

Yeah, the spam attack of early December inspired me to require authentication for the past month. It has been peaceful, is one way of looking at it.

In a perfect world everyone would be able to use TypeKey and I could set the blog to only accept comments from authenticated commenters, and that would be the end of the comment spam. As you note, TypeKey does not work for everyone, so we are going back to the old configuration with some new bells and whistles which, hopefully, will reduce the spam or at least keep it down to a manageable quantity. Thanks for sticking with us.

kevin said:

further on the authentication, when I updated to blogger beta it took you off, Joe. It said it was sending you an email letting you know what to do so that you could reclaim your slot at the Digital Camel but maybe it got lost in the recent spat of spam. If you don't want to jump through the hoops yourself, I understand but I'd sure be smiling if ya did.

Tom and I talked some about the "open space" bit. He's interested in contacting you, at least he said so. You should engage him.

Kevin, I'll have to check the e-mail - I'm on a certain, uh, "listserv" which can be irritatingly prolific, as it has been the past week.

I look forward to talking to Tom, you can send him my e-mail.

Charles Author Profile Page said:

I'm happy to admit I'm not in the pigeonhole party.

The key to avoiding spam on your blog is to not have a popular blog. That and I guess using that annoying word verification stuff, which I see you now have here for the unwashed masses.

Have you thought to ask Waldo if he could help solve your typekey stuff? He's apparently good at this technical mumbo-jumbo, and he's most likely not to force you to edit any posts....

Anyway, thanks. Now I can comment either with typekey, or by typing in silly words.

At least you aren't running two sets of commenters at the same time, like one blog I know, or using a program that says there are 7 commetns but then only show one of them.....

Charles Author Profile Page said:

You know, with all the problems you have with your blog, maybe Al Gore DID invent the internet...

Heh, good advice, thanks Charles!

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