Analysis: Al Franken Announces For Senate

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The Coleman campaign must be shaking in their collective snowshoes.

(Oh, yeah, we need to cut Al some slack, because he had to be like - what, 45 - in this picture?)

Al Franken, he of the meteoric career (meteors don't necessarily go "up" you realize), is running for Senate in two years.

Undoubtedly he will be identified as "comedian" Al Franken in the press, but he's not very funny anymore. For a good year or so we had the rare treat of the video of his Air America show on the Sundance Channel every night, and I could not get enough of it to be perfectly honest. Apart from the pre-recorded bits, it was the proverbial car crash in slow motion, night after night.

And the operative word here is ... slow. As in, dragging.

Al's thing is he is not particularly comfortable in his own skin, and he telegraphs that like a beacon. You want to talk about dead air? Al creates dead air every time he exhales. If you had a drinking game to do shots whenever Al left an uncomfortable silence on his show, you'd be blitzed and puking within 15 minutes.

If you added bonus shots on top of that for every time he whined, the drinking game would be outlawed on the basis of mass alcohol poisoning.

He may be a clever man at the keyboard or delivering the prepared speech, but quick on his feet he is not. I think Norm Coleman would want to demand debates on a pretty much daily basis. After a week of sheer frustration Al would be goaded into attempting a half-nelson and that would be the end of that.

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Jack said:

That was NOT an image I need at 7:00 this morning, Joe.

Ted said:

I'm originally from Minnesota and I can tell you not to "underestimate" the voters of Minnesota. The loony tunes in the Twin Cities and Duluth are more than enough to put Franken in the Senate. Afterall, they did put Ellison in the House. But then again the 5th CD (my old one) has a huge Somali population. You remember the Somalis, they're ones who won't take people that have alcohol (or dogs) in their possesion from the airport in their cabs.

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