At least he's gone

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Although I'd rather have seen Russ Potts dismembered by the constituents he's cheated of a principled leader, I'll take him being gone one way or the other. I have pasted Jill Holtzman Vogel's reaction below the fold. Now, let's elect a good leader to take Russ's place.


February 22, 2007 Contact: Dave Dziok
540-341-8810 (office)
336-512-6444 (cell)

Potts Retires, Jill Holtzman Vogel Pledges Strong
Conservative Leadership and Real Solutions

Warrenton, VA - In response to news that State Senator H. Russell Potts, Jr. will not be seeking reelection in 2007, 27th District Republican contender Jill Holtzman Vogel issued the following statement:

"With or without Senator Potts in this race, there are real problems still remaining in our district that call for real solutions. Our transportation system needs to be fixed, our property is still under attack, and the Senate still wants to target our wallets to fix their problems. It is time for true conservative leadership, which means not raising taxes at time when there is a major budget surplus.

"Senator Potts' retirement will not change the way I run my campaign. I've always said that government must prioritize spending, reduce earmarks for pet projects, and better focus resources. Given the budget surplus, it's an outrage to ask taxpayers to pay more when they get less.

"The Dominion Virginia power lines do not belong in our backyards, and we deserve stronger leadership and results rather than merely passing the buck by moving them from one part of our district to another. I'll legislate for my entire district, not just where I live.

"I'm the candidate that has the experience, the organization, and the passion to lead the 27th District, and I'll continue to campaign with the character and integrity fitting of your next Senator."

Holtzman Vogel is a wife, mother, and Warrenton attorney with a nationally recognized practice specializing in government ethics, tax, campaign finance and non-profit organizations. Born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley, she was selected in 2004 as the first woman to serve as Chief Counsel of the Republican National Committee. The 27th State Senate District includes the City of Winchester, Frederick County, Clarke County, most of Fauquier County, and the western portion of Loudoun County.


© 2007 Paid for and authorized by Jill Holtzman Vogel for Senate
98 Alexandria Pike, Suite 53 Warrenton, VA 20186

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substance please said:

I just went to and discovered a surprising lack of substance. Even Jerry Kilgore had more information on issues on his website than Ms Vogel. Well, it would be hard to have less, actually -- there is NOTHING about her issues stances on that website. Why should we elect her? She doesn't say. Why should we donate? She doesn't say. Why should we volunteer for her? She doesn't say. Why should we even bother to contact her? She doesn't say.

Ms Vogel may be a great candidate and she has a great pic of herself up but in this day and age, if you can't put who you are in writing on your website for your voters to see, what should people think?

NovaConservative said:

Uhh, it also says to "visit soon" for the full website.

Obviously, its not up yet.

Fly on the Wall said:

What a coincidence that "substance" posted that since Tate just replaced his placeholder site.

My first thought on looking at Tate's new site: where does he stand on the death penalty? His site doesn't even mention the issue.

Anonymous said:

I honestly have no idea were Tate stands on the death penalty but thats real classy fly attempting to tie a good conservative to Tim Kaine just because he is Catholic. Nice touch. I guess you all just offended about every Republican Catholic in the district. Good job and keep up the good work.

Fly on the Wall said:

Wooo, loooks like mr. anon woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

I didn't say anything about Mr. Tate's catholicism dictating his position or a connection to Timmy Kaine.

I also think you'd be the one insulting the Catholic community by saying that they are all lock-step in with the catholic church on putting serial killers to death.

I simply asked a question for our Tateites, including you, as to whether Mr. Tate believes that the worst murderers should die for their crimes. I'm pretty sure that the 27th district is solidly pro-death penalty, and Mr. Tate should go on the record with his position, especially since the GA just passed a bill expanding the penalty to those that hire others to commit their atrocities.

His site is very specific that he believes that the only way to die is natural death, and I'm pretty sure that doesn't include the death penalty.

10thdistrictrepublican said:

My name disappeared from my computer. I also posted at 11:54. Sorry about that.

I'll say it again, I guess you all just offended about every Republican Catholic in the district. Good job and keep up the good work. I guess guilt by being Catholic is good for you. Last time I checked, Holtzman's old site which appears to be dead right now never mentioned it either. I have never heard either candidate talk about the issue. There are many issues for both campaigns that do not make it on web sites. I do think this would be a good question for both candidates if they debate. I never saw it on Holtzman's site when I have visited in the past before I decided on who to support. Care to enlighten us Fly on were Holtzman stands??

Fly on the Wall said:

I'm sure that any reasonable Catholic is willing to discuss his or her position on the death penalty and would not be offended by any of my comments. I think it's more offensive to imply that Catholics make their decisions based on denominational dictates rather than on individual principle. Although I'm not very knowledgeable about the Catholic church, I'm sure they encourage individualistic thinking as well.

I will give you credit for trying to fabricate a reaction to my question in order to cloud the issue. However, I was pretty careful in how I worded my question, and you kind of sound paranoid. May I ask why?

Oh, and as for the Jill thing, I'm sure she will put something on her page about the death penalty when the campaign puts it up, and if not, I'll be sure to ask her if I ever make it to one of her events.

However, Mr. Tate's page sounds like he may oppose the death penalty, and I agree with you that the voters should know where the candidates stand.

10thdistrictrepublican said:

"Mr. Tate's page sounds like he may oppose the death penalty"

Paranoid??? Not sure, it just seems you want to attack Mr. Tate's fait out of the blue when Mrs. Holtzman has never even said anything about the subject of the death penalty either. I honestly don't know were Mr. Tate stands but I don't have a clue were Mrs. Holzman stands either. I do think its a good debate question.

Where???? Sounds to me you want to make an issue about Tate's Catholic faith. Playing the religion card is not a good idea.

10thdistrictrepublican said:


Btw, I have heard from a third party that Tate is for the death penalty but it would still be a good question for you to ask at some point in a debate or q&a if you live in the district and see him. I do believe natural death would refer to no euthenasia but you could ask him that at some point if you like.

Fly on the Wall said:

The only one who was playing any cards was you 10th district. Generalizing people isn't very nice.

10thdistrtictrepublican said:

Yeah right fly,

You knew exactly what you were doing when you made the above statement. Playing the Catholic card was not very nice.

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