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No Relation said:

Thanks Joe. We deserved to lose, playing like that.

As Lovie Smith said in the postgame the progress will continue and next year's right around the corner. Not every team can say that (not every team has as much youth). Good season.

Robin said:

But, gee, what happened to my beloved bears? They were doing so well. *Sigh* Manning really kicked our behinds. I still believe he is the reincarnation of Johnny Unitas. They have that same wobble on the ball!

Time to go cry in my coffee. :-(

No Relation said:

No kidding, Robin. Manning is amazing and even after that game I can't find it in me to hate him.

And you're right, Joe. With a coach like Smith picking great fresh talent every year, bringing them together with the old talent, and uniting them in the face of all that controversy, there's nowhere to go but up.

This is the beginning of a dynasty.

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