CPAC 2007, Day 0: McCain will be in the house!

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As a ham-handed conservative power broker whose local reputation can best be described as "radioactive," I am pleased to announce and strongly recommend a late addition to the Conservative Political Action Conference agenda:

Blogger and co-author of the outstanding Donkey Cons, R.S. McCain, will be at CPAC signing copies of Donkey Cons, on Thursday, March 1, at 1:00 pm (sponsored by Young America's Foundation).

See you there!

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jacob said:

According to Drudge McCain is a definite NO show.

Was he not more conservative about 10 years ago?

You did not read my post. Sign of the times, I suppose ... Perhaps it would be more effective if I made them AUDIO posts so you did not have to actually read but instead it would be read for you.

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