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This started as a comment in singleton's smoking entry. You are in part responsible, for I started off writing a reply to YOU. There, now that I have shirked responsibility in a manner that would make any Democrat Senator proud, I shall continue...

We need to go back to the slide rule. We went to the moon with the slide rule. We cannot even determine a spacecrafts altitude correctly with these confounded 'confusers' (a.k.a computers). Have you noticed that people today cannot do addition and subtraction WITH computers? In case you are wondering what am talking about, does the name Ken Lay ring any bells?

This is an ongoing trend. Have computers have made us lame? Maybe. Have spell-checkers made us lame? Probably. Does 'not' smoking stop us from being lame as a nation. Nooooo.

Have you noticed the playgrounds got real lame? What happened to the teeter totters, swings and monkey bars. We now have crap that causes kids to stay inside and play x-box, eat twinkies and get fat.

I see the general level of lameness is growing with each generation. Allow me to explain, we went from:

A. Possibly the greatest generation. They lived through the great depression. They fought and won WWII. They built the Hoover Dam. They created the foundation for all the wealth we have today. They took us to the Moon. They flubbed raising their children, which is why they only get the "possibly" appellation. In case you are wondering what I am talking about here, see sections B&C below.

B. The 'me' generation. These are losers who brought us hippies, Bill Clinton, and the leisure suit. They claim responsibility for the computer boom and the internet, a la' Al Gore, when all that came of the Apollo program (see part A above). This is the original bed-wetter generation. They are the bozos who started the cattle drive into the psychiatrist's office and made it a status symbol (Along with screwing your neighbors spouse). With the greatest generation dying off like flies, we are running out of adults in a hurry. The 60 something's from the 'me' generation don't qualify. Considering they invented 'Depends' it all becomes clear. Soon they all will be back in diapers, a fitting end for them.

C. Then there are the Gen-X-ers. Possibly an improvement over the hippie-yahoo generation, but, after you hit bottom where else can you go? Face it, these clowns wished they had been old enough to have gone to Woodstock, (so they could have done 'what' when they got there?). They have by and large lived by sucking off the tit of the land. No innovation with possible exception of "junk-bonds". They did not experience sacrifice with the possible exception of having been children under the reign of President James Earl Carter. In the old days any chief, of a tribe with any self respect, would have lost these guys in a dense fog (preferably near a deep crevasse).

D. The Y generation. They are also known as the 'Y-me' generation. Whiney little snot nosed buggers. These are the spawn of the hippies. Amazing how much damage weed and LSD will do to an embryo. This bunch is good for getting body piercings, tattoos and high on either ecstasy or crystal-meth. The Y-me generation actually believes the propaganda from Green Peace, and, PETA. Many pine for the 60's. When a generation of people is reduced to wishing they were the 'me' generation, it's time to drive the bus over a steep cliff and leave nothing to chance.

Can we start climbing back out of the primordial ooze now?

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I think this post deserves to be framed, or at least laminated, and distributed to every rising high school senior.

Singleton said:

I'm glad that I could inspire such profuse prose.

Good post, Jacob.

Kevin said:

Jacob Ash, I can't tell, are you and the commenter "jacob" one and the same?

Also, will someone, though I think I'm clear, explain the difference between Joe Budzinski and "Joe, the Former Neocon"?

"SPMM" and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man are somehow exempt from this identity diffusion in my mind (I understand you are one and the same). (I hope).

Derned alcohol braindammmage!

jacob said:

Yes. We are one and the same. Except when the mulitple personality order kicks in. Then Jacob or Jacob Ash are Jacob's evil twin brother. Or is it Aunt. I get confused when I don't take my medicine.

Joe bores easily so we must allow him to change personas periodically to keep him in the game.

Kevin said:

Joe, that was what I thought.

Jacob. . .

Oh dear.

At any rate, it's an interesting theory, the one where "The Greatest Generation" is actually the greatest generation. It's certainly the romantic generation if nothing else.

SPM Man said:

Old Man Ash,

looks like you've got contempt for every generation of Americans going back over half a century. I thought only Liberals could be career malcontents... Maybe you should consider joining Al Qadea!

America: Love it or leave it!

jacob said:

It was a royal screed wasn't it. According to some highly detailed calcualtions, I was insulting people at the rate of 400,000 per word. Now that is some insulting.

As for whether the bed wetter's deserve the abuse I heaped upon em. When we lose 3000 men over 5 years in a guerrila war and our Senators call it "the worst debacle in American history" I think such political tripe speaks for itself. If our public does not lynch the sorry bastards for being gutless, spinelss, defeatist, brainless and treasonous, then they are bed wetting sheep. They deserve a sharp verble rap on the proverbial nose.

"America, love it or leave it", you're damn right. I love it, and therefore I will call it as I see it. Ain't that what them there liberal malcontents have been doing with an air of insuferable superiority for about 40 yars now? The Democrat party (with a capital D) has been the cheer leaders for those who harp on all that is wrong with America all them years.

So now I put the shoe on the other foot and you get miffed? YOu then sugest I join Al Queda? You're the guy who agrees with the people who told the enemy we were listening in on their phone conversations. I say your side of the debate helps OBL and his scummy minions openly.

As for my pointing out that we have a lot of people who are soft, decadent rabble and you equate it at hating America?! Hardly. I reserve my contempt to socialist hippie fools, and their wanna be drug using echoes.

Jack said:

Sounds too much like Rome before the fall. Instead of Bread and Circuses it's Big Macs and Nintendo.

Or should that be X-Box, Jacob?

jacob said:

X-box, most definitely X-box. Nintendo is for sissies and Democrats. Conservatives who own Nintendo should keep it quiet. It's like having a liberal or a junkie in the family.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

hey, that rant has a lot in common with this one:

jacob said:

Good to see your sense of humor is intact. ;-)

Jack said:

Well, read the Democrat Party Platform, and you're not too far from the Communist Manifesto.

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