God bless Texas!

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See, Texas protects life from fertilization on, and they don't have women being arrested for natural miscarriages or no in vitro fertilization.

These are the same sort of arguments that were being put forward against the marriage amendment. The far left is once again trying to divide cultural conservatives, but it seems that they're winning this war so far.

Update: Changed my terminology a little

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charles said:

THat's a silly argument, isn't it, since until Roe V. Wade is overturned the law has no effect?

Anonymous said:

"inhospital bodies"

WHAT on earth are those?

Jack said:

The law DOES have an effect, as seen in this case. Estrada has been convicted of TWO murders, not one. In some states, that's the difference between life and death.

The law also highlights the stupidity of Roe.

No Relation said:

In Virginia, fetucide, that is the intentional, premeditated, malicious killing of a fetus, is a class 2 felony. That's the same as first degree murder, although they have different sentences.

That's why I am moving down here!

DontMessWithTexas said:


Did you say that "they're [the far left] winning this war so far"?

That's an astounding admission. Can you elaborate?

I agree that this is good legislation. I carry a vial of 12 frozen embryos around and use them to drive in the HOV lane. I also claim them as tax deductions.


By saying they are "winning" I think he means by virtue of the fact Roe v Wade is still in effect. I could be wrong; when he's back in town I'm sure he will elaborate.

How many kids you got?

God said:

No but it's ok to have a gun and shoot somebody but you can't abort? give me a break!

Texas has one of the highest abortion rates in the country, where will they go now? over the boarder?

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