He's still my hero...

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While I've heard he's taking somewhat of a beating this year from the mainstream media and supposed allies in the state senate, Ken Cuccinelli is still, in this humble blogger's opinion, the best state senator in our Commonwealth, and the back of my pickup truck agrees. I've attached his latest report from Richmond below the fold.


February 17, 2007

Dear Fellow Republican:

We’re closing in on the end of the session (thankfully). I’m ready to be home a lot more often than just on weekends, especially when I see some of the things the Dems work to kill, usually succesfully with just a little help from a couple Republicans.

The Shocking Mr. Saslaw

The minority leader, Senator Dick Saslaw (D-Fairfax) wants to be the majority leader so bad he can taste it. His strategy this session is 100% based upon trying to get the majority, regardless of what the policy implications might be. We have known for some time that the Democrats’ strategy for this year is to obstruct any transportation package whatsoever and then try to blame the Republicans. The only packages that they have voted for are massive tax increases that they know will be rejected in the House of Delegates (thankfully).

This week netted a few remarkable comments from the Majority Leader Wannabe (MLWB). On Thursday, we were debating the Senate Finance committee's tax increase bill. Their bill included a .5% sales tax increase for Northern Virginia – the very same tax that voters rejected by referendum just over four years ago. We put an amendment on the bill on the floor of the Senate to swap out the sales tax and replace it with the less-offensive real estate property tax. The idea was to get a vote from the Northern Virginia Democrats on the same issue that the voters decided in the 2002 referendum. During the course of the debate on the amendment, Saslaw said that "one of our biggest developers [in Northern Virginia ] really doesn't like this." Seriously. Amazing. Thanks for letting us know who you are really working for, Senator Saslaw.

Also during the debate over the Senate Finance committee’s bill, Saslaw argued against bringing more tax dollars back to Northern Virginia to alleviate congestion. Talking about some of the major projects we have been working on, Saslaw said, and I'm quoting him directly here: "we get more than our fair share of transportation dollars." Perhaps MLWB should drive to work with me in rush hour and see what the rest of us deal with every day. Maybe he should talk to my wife when she has to pack all five of our girls in the van for a neighborhood trip that should take five minutes instead of the twenty-five minutes it takes today.

MLWB on Illegal Immigration

If that weren't enough, Mr. Saslaw and I get to see a lot of each other in the Courts of Justice committee. On Wednesday and Thursday, we devoted several hours to reviewing legislation that would help our communities address the overwhelming problem of illegal immigration. Let me tell you, it was astonishing.

I believe that we must uphold the rule of law. When fewer jobs are available to illegal immigrants, then they will have fewer incentives to settle in our communities illegally. Simple enough? Not for MLWB. He was the chief opponent of every piece of legislation that would help the Commonwealth and local governments combat illegal immigration. Should we encourage our police to get training for Immigration Control and Enforcement? MLWB says "no." Should employers be penalized when they knowingly hire illegal immigrants, MLWB says "no." Should local governments check to make sure you are here legally before they give you a business license? MLWB says "no."

Who is MLWB listening to? Well it would appear that the arguments most persuasive to him are NOT from our law abiding citizens, rather, he is listening to the big businesses that came before our committee and blatantly admitted to breaking the law, saying that they needed to hire illegal immigrants. The utter brazenness of some of the organizations opposing these measures is astonishing. We heard from lobbyists for perfectly respectable business groups openly saying they are hiring illegals and they ‘need’ to continue to do so!

Of course, the same folks that oppose restrictions on illegal immigration also (hypocritically) support hiking the minimum wage. What’s the connection you ask? Simple economics. If there are less illegal aliens competing for jobs, i.e., the supply of labor is reduced, then the demand for workers will rise (remember the supply and demand curve from econ 101?). When the demand for labor increases, wages go up! So, MLWB’s support for illegal immigration is in direct contradiction to his support for rising wages. But since when did logic matter to a liberal Democrat?

Abortion Ridiculousness…

I’ll just tell you that the Democrats plus Potts killed an abortion bill that would have addressed the horrendous situation in Suffolk Virginia where a pregnant woman who was 8 days from her due date shot her baby through her own abdomen and killed the baby. That is not a crime in Virginia , even though you cannot get a third trimester abortion except under extraordinary circumstances. Del. Chris Jones put in a bill to address this situation and on Thursday the Senate Committee of Death (aka, Education and Health) killed the bill on an 8-7 vote with all of the Democrats voting against the bill along with Committee Chairman Russ Potts (Winchester-I).

Earlier this session, the same committee killed a bill from Del. Bob Marshall that would have made forcing or coercing a woman to get an abortion a crime. The vote was 9-6 to kill the bill, with Senators Potts and Quayle joining the Dems to kill the bill.

Amazing. The Dems unanimously oppose making forced abortion or shooting a child in-utero within days of its birth a crime. Where’s the desire to protect women? Maybe it’s just an excuse to support the abortion industry. Do you think?

Save the Date

On Saturday March 3rd, from 3 to 5 p.m., we’ll be having our campaign kickoff at the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum . Please be sure to ‘save the date!’ Let us know if you’re coming at Ken4Sen@Cuccinelli.com. The event is free, and I hope I’ll see you there.


Senator Ken Cuccinelli

Virginia 37th District

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10thdistrictrepublican said:

Although I disagree with how Sen. Cuccinelli handed the aftermath of the convention last spring I don't think we as conservatives could have any better voice representing our point of view in the state senate.

Sen. Cuccinelli is one of a small handful of true conservatives in the senate who are willing to speak out about their principles unashamedly. We as a party must do everything we can do see that this man is re-elected.

Concur. Super senator. Strong argument for cloning.

Singleton said:

I have to disagree with 10 district republican in that I think Ken was right on that one as well. 10th District Chairman Jim Rich might be the third biggest cancer in the VA GOP after Potts and Chichester. Hopefully, we get a new chairman next time.

10thdistrictrepublican said:

I am not saying Ken was not right about Chairman Rich what I disagreed about Cuccinelli was the AFTERMATH of the convention as I was a Stirrup supporter at one point. The tactics for both sides were horrible. This should have disappeared from the radar and waited until the next opportunity to challenge.
I know Cuccinelli was a supporter of our Congressman and Sen. Allen but I wish he would have at least publically attempted to put a muzzle on the Stirrup campaign managers hateful comments about our fine Congressman sent throughout the state. That was truly deplorable.

Like I said, other than this I am a huge Cuccinelli fan and hope he wins big in Nov. I just hope he did not needlessly alienate a few Repblicans with the 10th district convention stuff and especially its aftermath.

Dean Settle said:

I'm right there with 1oth District republican on this as well.
Heidi was so gracious in the immediate aftermath, that my dislike of the woman almost dissappeared.
Two days later, my opinion of her as well as Mr. Cuccinelli was altered again.
And when it comes to who will be allowed to "judge" who the "good" republicans delegates are, I trust Jim Rich's judgement far more than I trust Heidi's.
The "wingnuts" in the Party would have used her as just another manuever to distance the party from the common man by aggressively dismissing any delegate who questioned the dead-end that these people desire for the party.
Cuccinelli helped in that regard, and I have to swallow that pill with every endorsement he gives.

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