Illegal Immigration in NOVA: February 19 Candidates' Forum

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HelpSaveLoudoun and HelpSaveHerndon are sponsoring a public townhall meeting on Monday, February 19.

The Effects of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION In Northern Virginia Communities:

What our local and state officials should be doing to address these issues Four candidates: Meet them, learn where they stand, and tell them what you think. If you want to have an impact on public policy in our area, face to face contact with the people who intend to hold office is the best place to make a difference.


Candidates for Loudoun County Sheriff


Gregory J. Ahlemann


Stephen O. Simpson (current Sheriff)

Candidates for Catoctin Supervisor


Robert Bruton


Geary M. Higgins

Monday, February 19, 7:00 pm Loudoun County Senior Center - Cascades 21060 Whitfield Place, Sterling, VA 20165

For additional info, please visit:
This Candidates' Forum sponsored by:
HelpSaveLoudoun and HelpSaveHerndon.

Future Candidates' Forum events will be held on March 26 and April 16.

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Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

nice work!

Had Enough said:

Bank of America gives Illegal Aliens bank accounts with no social security number.

They also accept the matricula consular card that mexico issues to ilegals. The FBI is against this card being used for identification.

Most Illegals that have been arrested have several or more of these cards with different identities and their photo.

Bank of America has given them bank accounts, mortgages and they also provide money wiring at no cost up to a certain amount.

Now the bank has decided to give them credit cards if they have a checking account for 3 months with no bounced checks, no social security numbers, etc. needed.

The banks and BOA in particular are giving the illegals more incentives and perks than Citizens and the fees the Citizens pay must be supporting all the freebies for the Illegals.

Enough is Enough! Not only aiding ilegal behavior but most likely money laundering for the smugglers and drug dealers.

Kevin said:

HE, you should go to the Townhall meeting and take the floor and just start spouting off all these random "facts".
Use up a good. . .2 hours or so.

Had Enough said:

I would be at many meetings, hearings, etc. but 3 mechanics made sure that I can't go anywhere.

So I post everywhere, phone and fax everyone who is for amnesty or incentives for the illegals.

If everybody would make just one call or send just one fax a day progress could be made.

There are several reputable organizations that will fax your lawmakers for you.

Kevin said:

". . .3 mechanics made sure that I can't go anywhere."

What happened, HE?

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